Fwd: Fw: Your Doctors and Concealed Carry

Subject: Fwd: Fw: Your Doctors and Concealed Carry

Subject: Your Doctors and Concealed Carry

From a former Marine relative of ours!  I can relate to this story!  Because, I was having serious adverse effects from a medicine I was taking, my neurologist in Pittsburgh recommended that I see a neuro-physcologist.  It was very interesting and I was asked "Because of my close association with, and being in the military and working with the military all those years, did I think I was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?  I told her absolutely not, as I was not a war hero or a combatant!  I said it was the medicine, "LYRICA" specifically.  When I first noticed the negative reaction to the medication, I told my neurologist and the family doctor, and they merely increased my medication to three times a day.  Finally, they realized that I needed to be weaned off the medication!  In any event, while it needs watching, I was told that I have experienced some loss in my cognitive abilities but I am not experiencing dementia and/or facing Alzheimer's!   My thoughts were "Can you imagine?"  I know they are trying to do something positive but even if I had joked about it, I'll bet you a dollar to a doughnut, I would have been tagged!  Ron

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Ok, considered yourselves warned!

Natural progression of socialism >>> communism

... Concealed Carry & YOUR DOCTORS!
Just passing this on.
I had to visit a doctor other than my regular doctor when my doctor was on vacation. One of the questions on the form I had to fill out was: Do you have any guns in your house? My answer was None of your Ding Dong business!
So it is out there, it is either an insurance issue or government intervention. Either way, it is out there and the second the government gets into your medical records, as they want to under Obamacare.
Please pass this on to all the other retired guys and gun owners. From a Vietnam Vet and retired Police Officer: I had a doctors appointment at the local VA clinic yesterday. While going through triage before seeing the doctor, I was asked at the end of the exam, three questions: 1. Did I feel stressed? 2. Did I feel threatened? 3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?
The nurse then informed me, that if I had answered yes to any of the questions, I would likely have lost my concealed carry permit, as the VA is required to report any "yes" answers. My answers would have gone into my medical records, and the VA is required to reported to Homeland Security.
The Obama administration has gone on record as considering veterans and gun owners potential terrorists. Whether you are a gun owner, veteran or not, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED !
If you know veterans and gun owners, please pass this on to them. Be very cautious about what you say and to whom. And be extra careful who you vote for next election.
I never met a Veteran who fought for socialism


LiberalGunner said...

Well where to start with this. Never met a veteran who fought for socialism. Never met any Russians, Pole, Germans, Brits, or Canadians? Must live a very sheltered life. Can I also point out the Irony that you were at the VA which is socialized you fucking moron.The Government has its hand on your records.

Anonymous said...

And, as usual, Snopes is on the case with a big fat "False":


I'm thinking this is a pathetic attempt by the gun lobby to gin up some evidence that Obama is actually coming for your guns. I'll give them credit, at least this is something, even if its a fake something. As opposed to their previous argument, where the fact that Obama has done nothing is the ultimate proof of his diabolical plan!

gruaud said...

Oh, like a natural progression of conservatism to fascism?

Any American who fought against Franco's fascist faction in the Spanish Civil War was striking a blow for socialism and the democratically-elected government.

You may have heard of them: the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

And even though the Republic ultimately lost to the fascists, at least they went down fighting.

Marc with a C said...

"None of your Ding Dong business"

Seriously? Thank god you'll be dead in the next decade.

Hopefully from a negligent discharge.

ferschitz said...

WTF? What's up with the PTSD & the Lyrica thing glommed together the stupid gun "warning"??

The dumb are getting even dumber, more's the pity.

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