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Federal judge says he sent racist Obama email


Apparently, he forwarded this one: already in our archive.



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gruaud said...

Hey Cebull...You do understand what being held to a higher standard entails, no?

I'm sure you're very impartial to blacks, democrats, gays, women, atheists, et fucking cetera.

Yep. Sure you are.

ferschitz said...

Judge Cebull said he *knew* this was RACIST, but the Judge sent it by email bc he meant for it to be privately racist.

Gee, I'd love for my case to be heard by a Judge... as long as he or she is "privately racist."

Guess that cat got outta the bag, eh Judge?

I commented on another blog that I wasn't surprised that Judge Cebull felt "entitled" to send out this nasty racist screed. Why not? Given what we see here DAILY, conservatives are *constantly* encouraged to be the lowliest nastiest racist bigoted shitheads, and then feel massively superior and entitled for acting that way.

No doubt conservatives everywhere will rush to Judge Cebull's *defense.* Call the waaaahmbulance for Judge Cebull, who's being so horridly *victimized* by being called for what he is: a racist douchebag who should quit the bench immediately (and not get his fine fat federal pension & gold-plated health benefits for life, all courtesy of YOU and me, the "average" - certainly not 1% wealthy - taxpayer).

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