Fw: "Obama-Phone"

Subject: "Obama-Phone"

THIS IS NO JOKE —— and it’s unbelievable!
What is the primary purpose of giving people cell phones? Not for emergency calls —
__250 minutes is over 4 hours! The only logical purpose would be the ability to contact the poorer people and encourage them to
__vote Democratic during election time or risk the loss of their cell phones. Quite a tactic. Just when you think you've heard it
__all, our illustrious U.S. Congress quietly comes up with a new zinger to put their hands in your pockets, and pick them while
__you aren't watching. Isn't this just wonderful? A friend was standing in line at the checkout counter at Wal-Mart and as he
__looked at the line behind him, he saw a couple of people talking about what looked like identical new cell phones and bragging
__about the fact that their phones were free and so was the airtime. The woman in line behind him had overheard the same
__exchange, turned to the young man behind her and asked, “Is that a new type of cell phone?” The young man replied, “Yes, this
__is my new “Obama-Phone.” She asked him what an “Obama-Phone” was and he replied: “Welfare recipients are now eligible to
__receive (1) A FREE new cell phone, and (2) approximately 250 FREE MINUTES of air time every month.” Needless to say, my friend
__was a little skeptical about his answer, so when he returned home, he Googled it, and the young man was telling the truth. This
__was what my friend discovered: SafeLink Wireless is a government-supported program that provides a free cell phone and airtime
__each month for income-eligible customers. In other words, your tax dollars are being distributed to a wireless phone provider
__to provide welfare recipients with free cell phones and airtime. I don't know about you but as for me, enough is enough! We are
__$14 Trillion dollars in debt and the U.S. Congress is balking at continuing unemployment payments to those who want to work,
__and is increasing the pay-out to deadbeats. The ‘Ship of State’ is sinking and it's sinking fast. The old concept of getting
__ahead through hard work has flown out the window and been replaced by Obama's and the Congress' idea of Hope and Change. The
__country has surely changed —— changed to "Why should I work for it, when I can get it free?" Don’t believe me? You can click on
__the link below to confirm for yourself that the “Obama-Phone” IS real. Just have a barf bag ready. See the truth. Click here.


Anonymous said...

And Republicans again prove that the only thing they are willing to recycle is old lies.

Marc with a C said...

Right. Because poor people don't need to call doctors or school, do phone interviews, locate their children or check the bus schedule.

Thx 4 Fish said...

The sad thing is a lot of people who qualify for food stamps, Medicare and free cell phones work full-time, and some of them are elderly social security recipients. But don't let reality interfere with your daily 2 minute hate on the poor, wingers.

Ken said...

what my friend discovered: SafeLink Wireless is a government-supported program

Your friend and you are dam liars


Anonymous said...

I know no one here has any particular reason to believe me, but I'm a lawyer in private practice and one of the leading lawyers in the country on the "Universal Service Fund". The link Ken supplied is a fairly accurate description. One thing to keep in mind here is that the subsidized mobile phone is instead of a subsidized traditional phone. The customer can decide if they want a fixed, probably unlimited phone, or a limited use mobile phone, depending on what's better for them. Customers aren't suppowed to have more than one subsidized phone. Does it happen? Yes, but the FCC has been tighening the rules and creating preventative measures. The program isn't perfect, but ensuring everyone has access to the phone system benefits everyone. One minor nit with the link is that while technically, yes, the money comes from phone companies, they are permitted to recoup from customers and most do. And, as an aside the Universal Service Fund is about 9 billion dollars a year, the largest portion of which subsidizes rural phone service, largely in big square red states.

ferschitz said...

To Marc: stop making sense! Poor people need to STFU & go DIE are horrid painful prolonged (but not costing conservatives one dime) hideous outrageous DEATH!!! And their heads should then be impaled on pikes and placed in public spaces for conservatives to point & mock them.

Those poorz who don't have the consideration to die a horrid death should be put in stocks in public urinals set aside only for conservatives to use so that they can piss & shit all over them.

Whyever would such disgusting vermin need to call a doctor or figure out a bus schedule?? The horror! How dare they be permitted to lead a dignified existence!

gruaud said...

'the U.S. Congress is balking at continuing unemployment payments to those who want to work,
and is increasing the pay-out to deadbeats"

This just proves John Stuart Mill's assertion about stupid people and conservatism.

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