Fw: Vacation?

family go on vacation?
A.  Maine. For two days.
Q.  How did they get to Maine?
A.  They flew on Air Force One.
Q.  How did their dog Bo, the Portuguese water dog, get to Maine?
A.  On a separate smaller jet aircraft at the expense of the American taxpayer.
Q.  Why didn't Bo just stay at the White House for two days?
A.  The children would miss him too terribly much.
Q.  Why didn't Bo fly on Air Force One?
A.  Muslims won't fly with unclean animals.  Dogs are considered unclean animals.
Q.  When will we stop the madness? 
                  .........YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.........


gruaud said...

"When will we stop the madness?"


It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Anonymous said...

Now, let's make a joke about a Jewish politician and dogs - because dogs are, of course, considered "traife" by some branches of Judaism - and watch the accusations of Anit-Semitic-Hitler-loving-Nazis fly.

Jews = Out of fashion as scapegoats (well, mostly)
Muslims = New scapegoats (have at 'em!)

Right-wing progress = Let's direct our incoherent hate at a NEW scapegoat!

CharlieE said...



Anonymous said...

The Muslims I know will not have a dog as a pet. I tutor English on the side and have had plenty of Muslim students who are interested until they see the dog (I teach from home). When we walk our dog, any people of the faith steer clear away.

Obama is not Muslim ....does that answer your question!!

Marc with a C said...

Because Muslims won't fly with a dog, but having one as a family pet is ok.


CharlieE said...

Because Muslims won't fly with a dog, but having one as a family pet is ok.

And has everyone forgotten that Obama drinks beer?

Uh...Muslims don't do that, either.

Zeno said...

Omigawd. I don't drink beer and I don't have a dog. I could be a secret Muslim without even knowing it!

ferschitz said...

BHO drinks, smokes, and owns a dog. These typically are not activities that Muslims do. That said, I've known plenty of Muslims throughout my life and have lived for over six months in Kashmir with a Muslim family. Many Muslims drink, smoke, gamble, play cards, and do other stuff not endorsed by their religion (just like many Christians).

But most of the Muslims I know would never own a dog. Just my personal experience.

So if these turds are lying about Bo flying on a different airplane (which is just plain stupid, but what else is new) to "prove" that Obama is a Muslim, they're just as full of shite as usual.

Of course, braindead contards everywhere will get their daily fix of ginned up outrage. Isn't that more to the point?

Facts and truth doesn't matter when a pathetically dumb@ss lie will do. DUH.

Anoner said...

Nov 2d: take out the trash.

Uh, do the 'Baggers even realize that this isn't a Presidential election year? So, BHO really cannot be voted out of office?

Or will they show up at the polls ready to pull the lever for Palin?? So confusing!

Snarla said...

OMG! Why isn't Nobammer fasting for Ramadan?!?!!!!!11

Now the Muslims who were already going to kill him for being an apostate will kill him for being a bad Muslim.

Or something.

Plus what Marc with a C said.

Anonymous said...

My schnorrer brother-in-law (it's Yiddish!) asked me, seriously, if we could win in Afghanistan by dropping pig parts on the battle field.

I said, "I don't know, my cousin is coming over and his wife is Jewish, why don't you try throwing a pork chop at her and see what happens!"

I would really have regretted that if he had actually thrown a pork chop at her...

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