Fwd: Fw: Conservative Cartoons

In hard left turn, big government pots and
kettles call each other names.

Who will it be?

Pandemic fear grips Wall Street.

The Resistance has shifted. Establishment Democrats
now resist Bernie. They think he’s a loser.

He’d actually be the tallest.

Let’s not forget about Medicare for All

The open-border Democrats with their Iowa caucus
disaster, claim they have a better Coronavirus plan than Trump.

We've only just begun... Dems freak about Bernie Sanders' lead.

Biden doesn't know what state he's in or which office
he's running for. A family member should probably
step in at this point.

Stock Market fears.

And it smells worse than it looks

Many Democrats fear America will never
elect socialist Sanders president.

Bernie offers us a terrible conflagration
that will be fueled by the loss of our freedom.

The Democrats and the Mainstream Media
seem almost giddy at the possibility of the
coronavirus making Trump look bad.

Bernie recently applauded Fidel Castro's
"massive literacy program" on 60 Minutes. 


Unknown said...

---They cancelled the National Basketball Association season today.

---Do conservative cartoonists know how to draw cartoons about what it means when professional basketball season is cancelled?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy/

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