FW: FW: Liberalism is a MENTAL DISORDER!!!


charlie said...

I still can't fly

AOC has made it pretty obvious that she's both smart and well-educated, yet RWD keeps trying to suggest that she's stupid.

Why are Republicans so scared of this freshman member of Congress?

The same people that think Trump is mentally ill also think...

...and then RWD lists a bunch of things that are largely true. I don't get it.

There are more than two genders, when you consider that some people are born intersex.

Abortion is often justified - see: birth defects and pregnancy complications. Also, it's a legal medical procedure and a protected Constitutional right, so it really doesn't matter if RWD thinks it's justified or not.

Guns do kill people; that's why we see "gunshot wound" as the cause of death on death certificates.

I don't know anyone who thinks illegal immigrants aren't illegal.

The Affordable Care Act, disparagingly called "Obamacare" by Republicans, is most definitely working, as the rate of uninsured has dropped significantly since 2010.

High taxes are good - well, higher taxes are good, anyway. Taxes are how we fund roads, schools and the military that RWD liks so much. Why do Republicans believe that government services should be free?

Disrespecting the national anthem is OK - see: First Amendment

Climate change is real. Ever been in a crowded room and notice that it's getting warm? Earth is the room and there are 7 billion people in it, with cars and factories.

Climate change is an actual thing.

If you need a disarmed society to govern, you suck at governing.

[citation needed]

Sean said...

As for "illegal immigrants aren't illegal," I've seen objections to referring to such immigrants using the word "illegals" as a noun, as if a person could be inherently illegal. Personally, I find the argument that this is meant to be dehumanizing language a compelling one. It's a bit of a fine point, which is why it's not surprising that it flies over RWD's head.

Unknown said...

---Is it possible that the "people who think Trump is Mentally ill" now include apolitical people RWD knows, and the list is meant to give them a come back in conversation?

-----Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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