Unknown said...

---So President Trump is now, on March 18, acting like covid-19 is a problem. But the RWD e-mail is not.

---But my previous idea, of RWD saying that the previous RWD e-mails should have been about the PRC
military build up is not in here?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

charlie said...

Yes, the media has arranged for the deaths of thousands of people in China and Italy, just to bring Trump down.

There could be literally thousands, if no thundreds of thousands of infected people walking around...

Yep. But we'd have known about this a lot sooner had Trump not refused to accept the testing kits developed by the World Health Organization back in January.

He'll be responsible for thousands of deaths, and many of those people will be his supporters.

Trump called racist for early travel ban

Italy banned flights from China before the U.S. did. Didn't make a bit of difference there and won't matter here.

Trump has done too little, and what little he's done has been too late.

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