Charlotte, NC is remodeling their stadium, which includes installing a retractable roof, for the 2016 Democratic National Convention and Obama’s farewell speech.


charlie said...

Well, there's a new sheriff in town. Now, they're increasing the amount of salt in school lunches. They're rolling back Obama regulations that limited the amount of coal dust that miners can breathe.

They've borrowed $1.5 trillion to give to the wealthy and cut corporate taxes. Corporations are using that money to buy back stock, close factories, and lay off employees.

We've reduced the size of two national monuments by 90% so that corporations can mine the land.

We've put a guy in charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who wants to get rid of the agency that protects consumers from predatory banking practices and he asked Congress to give his agency exactly $0 in funding for the coming fiscal year.

The so-called "President" is under investigation for collusion with a foreign government. I suspect that when it's all over, we'll find out that Deutche Bank sold his debt to the Russians and that they literally own him.

Oh, and he likes to employ people who beat their wives. But then again, why wouldn't he?

Yeah, it's all rainbows and unicorns for RWD. I'm happy for him.

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