Anonymous said...

You have to click on the picture.

delagar said...

I clicked on it -- is there more I'm not getting?

I'm one of those liberals who owns guns, so I'm not anti-gun, but the notion that it would be that simple (the good guys can wear labels that say they're the good guys -- maybe white hats?) and the bad guys can wear labels saying they're bad guys, and that's how we sort them out, I don't know, something seems a little unconvincing there.

ferschitz said...

Not getting this, other than to say: why would you label yourself as a good guy with gun? Is this some sort of warning? If so, what's the warning? Are people expecting "bad guys" to provide a similar label, so we know who they are?

Seems pretty dumb to me, but if someone can provide an explanation for the "logic" behind this, please proceed.

Anonymous said...

It's a part of the bigger NRA bullshit slogan:

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

delagar said...

Yeah, I've heard that slogan -- which is as eye-rolling as this bumper sticker.

Notice his license plate. "In God We Trust."

Apparently, "In God We Trust -- But We Also PACK HEAT."

(Who Would Jesus Shoot?)

ferschitz said...

Oh yeah. I forgot about the dumb NRA bs slogan.

So I guess this sign is to warn all those bad guys out there, who were just about to attack this drongo, to run away! Yeah, right. That'll work.

delagar said...

In other news, here in Arkansas our governor has just signed a bill allowing (really, forcing) concealed carry on our university campuses.

It's "forcing" because an earlier bill allowed it, if the campuses wanted it. Many campuses did not want it, for obvious reasons, including my campus.

Now our governor and our GOP legislature decides it know better than us how to run our campus. There's your GOP "small government" for you.

John Locke, the professor responsible for encouraging me to get a PhD, and securing funding to make my time in the PhD program possible, was shot to death in his office on the University of Arkansas campus by a disgruntled student seventeen years ago. Students and guns don't mix.

Hooray4US said...

Hey Randall - ban hammer for "Dick Johnson" as if we didn't know. Please. Stat. Enough is enough.

PS to anonymous: yeah, it's just so "easy" to change jawbs these days. Whyever didn't delagar think of that "solution."

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