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Golfer walks into the pro shop at the local course and asks the golf pro
if they sell ball markers.
The golf pro says they do, and they are $1.00.
The guy gives the golf pro a dollar.
The golf pro opens the register, puts the dollar in, and hands him a dime
to use as the marker.

FYI: This economic model is also used by the U.S. Government


Mike Hawk said...

Very good and right on point.

Fore, biiiiitches!!!!!!

Mike Hawk

ferschitz said...

Typical rightwing propaganda. It's totally fact-free and really doesn't make any sense, nor does it explain how this alleged "economic model" is used by the government.

But let's take one example where the "joke" sort of works, which is the US Military. In the case of hardware like the F-35 or the littoral combat ships, the actual dollar amounts would be something $231 million handed to the golf pro, who hands back nothing because the F35s don't work.

In the case of littoral combat ships, you hand the golf pro something like $1.8 billion and get nothing in return.

Yet it's conservatives who are the most ardent supporters of the US Military and the excessively obscene budget for it. Right now, Donald Trump has proposed something like a 10% increase in the Military Budget because Obama so "weakened" the Military. Of course, Trump doesn't explain exactly how the Military has been "weakened," what that actually means or looks like. It's just something Trump said, and because conservatives have been long propagandized to hate Obama, they reflexively agree that the Military is weakened and that their tax dollars should be funneled into the gaping max of the Military rather than, for example, on Infrastructure which would, you know, actually directly benefit conservative voters - both by providing jobs and by improving our very crumbling and old infrastructure.

But hey: Hooray for Trump the savior. Don't you worry, though, because Trump will make d*mn good and sure that some of that sweet sweet SWEET payola gets funneled directly into his off-shore accounts. Eh? Jobs? Good luck with that.

And so forth.

Yes, the government has many problems, but these sort of simplistic "jokes" for the simple-minded, per usual, don't begin to provide one iota of a solution.

Yet another day ending in "y" in conservaland.

CharlieE said...

I'm sure there's a universe where this metaphor makes sense, but it's not the one in which I live.

delagar said...

Like every other conservative "joke" I've ever heard, this one is both (a) not funny at all and (b) fueled by their love of virtue signaling. Notice that the punchline is, basically, "Government -- it sucks, amirite? HURR HURR HURR."

Conservatives used to be educated and intelligent. I didn't agree with them, but they were capable of making an argument and using facts. Now they're like five year olds making fart noises with their arm pits and shouting, "No, YOU'RE a poopface!"

delagar said...

ferschitz: You just have to remember these simple rules: Military spending is good, as is any Military action (except when a Democrat does either); supporting the Troops is Good (except if those troops are gay, or say something progressive); and whatever the crime or sin, it's okay if a Republican did it.

Unless that Republican says something against Trump. Then he's summarily labeled a RINO, and drummed from the tribe.


Hooray4US said...

It's a fact that the Blue States cough up way more in fed taxes than red states, and that red states accept way more than the lion's share of fed tax benefits.

Frankly conservatives are really akin the golf pro, while liberals are more like person buying the ball marker.

Why are conservatives complaining? Rhetorical question, of course, because conservatives have been brainwashed by Rush/Fox to complain endlessly about their supposed victimhood.

Boring, stupid and certainly not even remotely funny.

Mike Hawk said...

I would suppose u big inefficient gubmint red tap bureaucracy loving liebruls believe the USPS is a good efficient and fiscally sound govt. service that gets the most outta every "dollar" you give 'em. Unfortunately, they've been giving out "dimes" for dollars for many years now, while postage rates keep rising, service is getting horrendous,and many local post offices are being closed and/or consolidated.

High time the USPS be privatized.

Mike Hawk

delagar said...

"Because conservatives are brainwashed" <-- DING DING DING! We have a winner.

For the past 40 years, conservatives have been fed a steady diet of anti-government propaganda and lies, which has them believing that private industry (for profit industry) of a thing can do a better job at anything than a government-run version can do.

They were given no evidence that this story was true, beyond some prettily presented anecdotes and a lot of funny jokes like the one above. But given that current conservatives live in faith-based (rather than a fact-based) world, this wasn't a problem.

By this point, they're all so deeply committed to their belief that private industry works miracles and government industries always fail that they can't even see the contradictions in their worldview.

For instance. What about the military? Why does government-run military work so much better and more efficiently than military run by private contractors?

For instance: If the US Post office is so terrible, why can it deliver mail and packages so efficiently and cheaply while Fed Ex can only deliver limited hours for a price that is ten or twenty times as much?

For instance: If private industry is so much better, why is Big Pharm and Big Insurance destroying both American health and the American economy, in order to make a very few men very rich? And no, despite what Big Pharm claims, it's not supplying us with great medical discoveries in exchange for all that money. The important medical advances are being made by academic scientists, who are being funded by -- you guessed it! -- your useless government.

It's no use raising any of these questions with a conservative, though. They'll just get triggered, and start shrieking and calling you names.

Such tender snowflakes.

Mike Hawk said...

ha ha ha at delagar and his naive views.

Mike Hawk

P.S. - Suppose, hypothetically, that the USPS issued stock options. Would you rather own stock in FEDEX or the USPS?

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Funny that the CEO of FEDEX is driving the USPS "crisis" meme with the help of the Cato Institute. Surely it's just a coincidence.

Mike Hawk said...

Last I checked, UPS (United Parcel Post) is kickin' ass....

Your beloved USPS, however, not so fucking much.

I know...hard for you LIEBRULS to wrap your lil' brains around efficiency and the concept of PROFIT through efficiency.

Mike Hawk

P.S. - Shall I even bring up the TSA at airports? Another example of inefficiency and harassment by poorly trained employees by the United States Government that you all LOVE so much.

Mike Hawk said...

I love it. Again, J. Assange is having a good laugh at the U.S. Government and the outdated CIA and its dinosaur hardware and "secrets". But you God damn big government loving lieburals just don't get it. Keep defending government inefficiency and poor skilled low educated pigs at the government hog trough (again, your hard earned tax money being WASTED by the ineptness of your fucked up gubmint).

Again: Put in $1 for those golf ball markers...and get back a dime from your dumb, bloated, outdated ways of doing things government.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

Hey LIEbruls....where's the outrage about the TSA harassing and stopping M. Ali's son not once, but twice recently?

Yes, your wonderful gubmint at eork again. Racial profiling much?


Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

TSA was started under alleged "drown fed govt" in the bathtub GW Bush the dumber after he & Dick Cheney ignored Richard Clark's warnings about a terrorist attack. So the TSA was a knee jerk reaction after the fact but a lot of people around Bush made money from it, like Cheroff did with the Rapiscan machines. No surprise.

The newer more invasive procedures have been implemented under " Republican" Donald Trump to much acclaim by his very fervent Republican voter fans.

It's quite unclear why anyone would believe that it is somehow only "liberals" who are at fault for the invasive overreach by the TSA.

The point that informed commenters here have made over and over is that the alleged right v left divide amongst the 99% is mostly artificially created for the financial gain of the 1%. The TSA is a classic example.

If people truly don't get that then they are either truly: dumb, willfully obstuse, totally brainwashed or just full of shit. Or all of the above. Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Stew-pud. Another way to look at this nothing-piece:

"Golfer walks into the pro shop at the local course and asks the golf pro
if they sell ball markers.
The golf pro says they do, and they are $1.00.
The golfer gives the golf pro a dollar."

Indirectly saying the golfer thought this was a fair price for a ball marker!!!

There was no gun involved in this one.

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