Fwd: The jokes are starting

>  A large earthquake with the strength of
> 8.1 on the Richter scale hit the Middle East.
> Two million Muslims died and over a million were injured.
> Iraq, Iran and Syria were totally ruined and the governments
> asked for help to rebuild.
> The rest of the world was in shock.
> Great Britain sent troops to help keep the peace.
> Saudi Arabia sent oil and monetary assistance.
> Latin American countries sent clothing.
> New Zealand and Australia sent sheep, cattle and food
> crops.
> The Asian countries sent labor to assist in rebuilding
> the infrastructure.
> Canada sent medical teams and supplies.
> The new American President, Donald Trump, not to be outdone,
> sent 
> two million replacement Muslims.
> May Allah Bless President Trump!


ferschitz said...

Doesn't matter who is POTUS. Rightwing humor Fail, per usual.

Ho hum.

CharlieE said...

Bigotry is awesome!

delagar said...

Can we just send Trump and his supporters instead?

They claimed, after all, that they needed work. Rebuilding a country is work.

Mike Hawk said...

Can we send delagar and his Jew "partner" over there. I understand Muslims are so damn kind and tolerant of gay men.

You LIEbruls' love for everything Muslim is a joke...

Slap....that was reality hitting delagar and his dick-a-lick gay Jew partner squarely in the face....

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? You sound totally deranged.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

Indeed. I just wish there was some way to make him stop.

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