Anonymous said...

Did nothing?

ACA was a huge win for millions of Americans that conservatives are still choking to death over.

delagar said...

This is... priceless.

After all the whining RWD did about Obama pandering to black citizens, he comes out with this?

Please excuse me, I am laughing forever.

CharlieE said...

I'm sure there was something for blacks and minorities in the 419 bills that the Republicans filibustered between 2009 and 2015.

Also: ACA.

ferschitz said...

All good comments. Delagar especially hits the nail on the head. After 8 looong years of RWD ceaselessly whining about how blackity black BLACK Obummer was totally providing lotsa goodies - Obamaphones, anyone? - solely to the blahs, now suddenly RWD is claiming Obummer did nothing for "his people"?

Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Back in reality land, I do somewhat agree with this. AAs and other minorities did not do spectacularly well under Obama's admin. But WTF does RWD have on offer?? Like the TrumpCare legislation? Bwaa haaaa haaaa... like that was SO GOOD for AAs, not to mention all those white working class men, who've not had it so good for the past 40 years, either.

So Trump's KKK friends - and they're out there and well known - are really going to do AAs a solid during the Trump Admin.

Yeah, right. Got it. Yet another day ending in y in conservaworld.

Hooray4US said...

This poster is backasswards, isn't it? Wouldn't this be a selling point to RWD for why he *should* vote for Clinton (and, previously, for Obama)??

I haz confused.

Well not really. It's always weird opposite land for RWD.

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