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CharlieE said...

No, you went to war over lack of representation in government.

Anonymous said...

Lame. And also ahistorical.

ferschitz said...

Nifty rightwing propaganda, though. Shows how it's done.

The fact is that Trump voters, like all other Republican voters before them, will be treated with contempt by the 1% bought off politicians who are likely to vote in a giant whopping tax cut for the mega rich, whilst inflicting a tax increase on the rest of us in the 99%. Happened under Reagan, under Bush the Dumber, and likely now under Trump.

TrumpCare provides whopping tax cuts and tax incentives to the fat cats in BigInsurance whilst inflicting higher fees and taxes on Trump's most fervid fans in the 99%. If/when Trump produces his tax cut plan, it will benefit Tump's cronies in the 1% while probably resulting in higher taxes on the rest of us.

I'm no Obama fan, but he did raise taxes on the super wealthy while reducing taxes on those making less than $250k per year.

This b.s. brought to you also by the Gunz 'n Ammo Industries. Go spend yer monies, boyz, just to make you feel, ya know, all manly 'n stuff.

delagar said...

Yeah, we don't have to worry about RWD going to war over taxes.

So long as the GOP keeps him hating on brown people, LGBT people, feminists, and immigrants, RWD will be happy as a pig in slop, and kept sending his reps and his money both to Washington.

Mike Hawk said...

WRONG CharlieE: Actually we went to war with England because the Bloody Brits kept illegally seizing our ships that we traded with France with.,.Britain's number one foe at the time. Ever heard of impressment? Who in da' hell taught you bird brain LIEbruls U.S. History?

Wow - I guess ignorance is bliss in your alternative universes.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

Ooos...wrong war. I just realized this was in reference to the Revolutionary War...where the Bloody Brits were unfairly taxing or stamps and sugar. Then that whole taxation without representation hit da' fan and da' colonists got pissed. All that wasted tea in da' harbor and the killing of Crispus Attucks (a dreaded black man) in Bean Town was da' final straw. Fuck those Redcoats...we done whooped their asses.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

Dude, aka ferscitz...Da' Gunz n Ammo Industries took a YUUUUUGE hit when Agent Orange was elected (aka - SCROTUS...So Called Ruler Of The United States).

They "ain't" no dummies.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

Actually CharlieE: Taxation without representation. Get it right.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

We went to war over tax exemptions, not taxes! We broke from England because America's ENGLISH colonists were taxed while other ENGLISH colonists and Englishmen in England were not.

And those who supported and fought for the King were called 'Tories'. Today they would be called 'conservatives'.

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