This is one Courageous Anchor from South Dakota

This is one Courageous Anchor from South Dakota

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This lady is only 22 and from South Dakota

s  only a couple of min
  News anchor bec
internet hit.


gruaud said...

Well-paid tool, not courageous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Youtube comments have evolved into Youtube videos.

This "brave" anchor is just spouting the same BS talking points you'll here in any given 5 minutes of Limbaugh, Hannity or any other Fox News "pundit". Whining about saying the magic words "radical islam" and demanding that we stop being "friends" with jihadis, whatever that means. Her foolproof "strategy" is to show the terrorists what a B1 Bomber looks like flying overhead. As if we haven't been bombing ISIS for years, or undertaking drone warfare for over a decade.

To sum up: same bullshit, different day.

ferschitz said...

Can't be bothered to watch. If ONLY HUSSEIN Obomba would say the magic words "radical Islam" and fly a bomber over ME countries, why then rightwingers everywhere would be given NEW magical words that HUSSEIN Obomba hasn't said yet, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is: a) a radical Muslim jihadi himself, b) he is secretly having gay sexytime with dozens of radical Muslim jihadi's every single day because Michelle secretly has a penis, too, and c) every Dumbocrap is secretly supporting ISIS with money and care packages and bombs and guns and totally praying that ISIS comes to the USA and attacks us soon.

It's TRUE!!11!! I read it on the Interwebs!!11!!

LiberalGunner said...

This ugly kkkracker needs to STFU, she's just a racist white bimbo seeking attention. Yeah she has balls, black one's in her mouth...She doesn't speak for Americans, just the pale faces.


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