Subject: Fw 27 Year Old Video of Donald Trump A 'MUST WATCH'

Subject: Fwd: 27 Year Old Video of Donald Trump A 'MUST WATCH'

Yes, he is a tad bit of a nut case, BUT, listen to what he is saying, and remember he was saying this 27 years ago!!!
Maybe he’s not as big a nut case as some think he is.


27-Year-Old Video of Donald Trump Surfaces.

Check this video out. This is a BOMB ! ! !

The video was made in 1988 I was impressed with his foresight. 

If everyone watched this video, he'd win this coming election, hands down!


                               PLEASE FORWARD


gruaud said...

"Yes, he is a tad bit of a nut case BUT..."

And that's how far off the rails modern conservatism has hurtled.

Anonymous said...

This is supposed to impress people? It's an old clip of him on Oprah saying basically the same stuff he's said the whole campaign. The difference is that in the video he's younger and slightly more articulate than he is today. If anything this video shows how much crazier and radical he has gotten in the last quarter century.

Thx 4 Fish said...

It is A-OK if you are a nut case, or more correctly, a sociopath, as long as you ape the correct right-wing opinions, you too can be the presidential nominee of the Republican party (well, as long as you have lots of money and the media loves you). You can have the brain-power of a knat and the hair of a baby monkey as long as your mouth forms the right hatefilled words. What a country!

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