Fwd: FW: You MUST SEE THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: FW: You MUST SEE THIS AD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a shame it's not a real ad.  This speaks volumes of truth.


Anonymous said...


gruaud said...

I think people were just kidding when they said you could sing.

ferschitz said...

Needs moar number 11111!!!!!

CharlieE said...

President Obama will be gone soon, likely to be replaced by the hawkish Hillary Clinton. I'm sure RWD will be tickled pink.

Pikaman said...

I read the YouTube comments like an idiot, and, wow, there are some stupid people out there filled with irrational fear:

"Hug your grandchildren, they'll be muslims soon"
"i'm sure ACORN is still out there, under a different name"

along with tons of comments with ellipses separating their mind-dump clauses. If there are two things conservatives love, it's slamming down the punctuation keys and leaving caps lock on.

Mike Hawk said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow wow...Looks like those DNC emails undercut ongoing Democratic efforts to paint Trump as the one running a campaign aimed at dividing America along racial and religious lines.

Projection much by you LIE-BRUL Weenies???

Bigotry and anti-semitism on full display by the Party of "tolerance and racial unity"!!!!

What a A-bomb going into your fucked up, hypocritical convention in the City of Brotherly Love! bwahahahahahaha

Wake up, sheeples on the the fucking LEFT!!!


Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Lifted word for word from Haaretz. Can't you write anything original? Even your taunts are stolen from little children. You must hang out at playgrounds a lot.

Oh, and it's pretty much unanimous that DWS is despised by liberals.

So in conclusion: fail again, troll.

Hooray4US said...

It appears that the alleged "bigotry and anti-semitism" is somewhat overblown. Most of what's been called that is small potatoes. More troubling, for me, are the concerns about voter suppression during the primary, and none of the emails so far show anything about that. Most of what the emails show are dirty politics. Not good but not unusual.

Agree that nearly anyone with any progressive bona fides has loathed DWS all along. Good riddance to bad rubbish. There are lots of problems with the DNC. I don't think it's necessarily reflective of most D voters, frankly.

Of course, one can point to allegations that Putin is playing Trump, who apparently is beholden to some of the bigger Russian Oligarchs.

A lot of stinky crap has oozed out from under numerous rocks during this year's general election, and certainly neither candidate is clean.

charlie said...

I'm sure Mike Hawk was trying to make some sort of point, but I have no idea, as usual, what it might have been.

Mike Hawk said...

Typical of you LIE-BRULS to diss da' bitch after the fact!! Sooo predictable.

Truth be told, Wasserman Schultz proved effective, while my boy Reince Priebus lost the GOP "establishment" to Trump! woooooooooooo-hooooooooooooooo

Only problem for Debbie is that she did it underhanded. That naughty lil Jew gal...ha ha ha

You pundits on here are too funny. Love it!

Mike Hawk

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

Get out of here Mike Hawk! Out!

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