Fwd: Fw: pray and guns

Finally a good road sign

STRANGE HIGHWAY SIGNS - WELCOME TO IDAHO -                                                          INTERESTING                                                          MESSAGE FROM                                                          GOVERNOR ABOUT                                                          GOD AND GUNS!


Anonymous said...

Ya, I'm sure that's on an actual road sign. Motorists are sure to catch that tiny font while streaming down the highway.

Good thinking though "governor", warning people about the dangers of crime right as they enter your state. Is home invasion a big epidemic in Idaho? Sounds like a serious issue.

CharlieE said...

I'm glad to know that RWD concedes a right to not like guns. I thought the only right concerning weapons was the right to own them in unlimited quantity and capability.

Mr_Creosote said...

Blatantly obvious photoshop job.

Just sayin'.

gruaud said...

"Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association asked for an emergency suspension of the state’s open-carry law for the duration of the Republican National Convention."

With Kasich's response essentially being 'tough shit'.

Again, this is fucking insanity. You see this kind of gun nuttery in Third World countries, not so-called first world.

Agent86 said...

I think they should have a lot of Black Americans open carrying outside and inside the convention center, you know...exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Would be worth the ticket just to watch the reaction.


CharlieE said...

BTW - Who is "Gov. Nick Waite?"

Idaho's current governor is Butch Otter. He was preceded by:

Jim Risch
Dirk Kempthorne
Phil Batt
Cecil Andrus
John V. Evans
Don Samuelson
and Robert Smylie, which takes us back to 1955.

Details matter when you're using Photoshop, RWD.

CharlieE said...


Why aren't Republicans demanding that all members of the Black Lives Matter movement be armed?

Wouldn't that ensure everyone's safety?

Unknown said...

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