Make the First Lady great again! Oh yea!!!!
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gruaud said...

Ben Garrison again. Wow, this guy has 'winner' written all over him.

Notice the bulge in Michelle's crotch...Jesus fucking Christ what an asshole this guy is.

ferschitz said...

Conservatives are all racist sexist homophobic assholes.

Agent86 said...

The bulge just proves that Conservatives have this fascination with huge bulges in the crotch area. Reality is they are just afraid Michelle has a bigger dick than them...definitely jealousy.


Anonymous said...

A little more on the cartoonist:

In sum, another rightwing dunce who is victimized by those naughty naughty libruls.

gruaud said...

4Chan is a pretty scary bunch, as if I needed a reminder.

Mike Hawk said...

Again, you guys/gals don't get it.

Melania is HAWT....Michelle is NAWT. This has nothing
to do with their significant others.

Michelle is like sleeping with a man....poor ol'
skinny Barack gets manhandled and thrown around in
bed in the heat of passion by his baboon wife.

Melania is smooth and lady-like...a damn good
lay for a 70 year old man, I might add. Plus, she
doesn't have a MAJOR chip on her shoulder about being
Black and growing up poor in South Chicago.

Additionally, I'd definitely wouldn't want to see Bernie's wife
naked...dang...she's like the Pillsbury Dough Woman
with multiple muffin tops. What a nasty liberal
woman she is...absolutely horrendous looking specimen.

Mike Hawk

P.S. - Obama has a nickname for Michelle's pussy.


Anonymous said...

Gee, troll, that's a whole lot of words you wrote there.

Why don't you just write "I'm an asshole" and save yourself a little time.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Mike Hawk, This would all be funny, funny stuff if we were all a bunch of 12 yo middle school jocks with shit for brains. But I do appreciate your participation here which serves to remind us of where the right wing mind is at. Trump is the perfect candidate for you and yours. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

Hooray4US said...
Recommended. Fits.

Anonymous said...

What? He drew Melania NOT showing her tits and ass?


(If a Democrat's wife had done that the reich-wing Evangelical "family values" crowd would be screaming 24x7 for months.)

Anonymous said...

The Radical Fundamentalist Christians approve of a woman who's been photographed naked and published widely. How interesting.

Mike Hawk said...

@ Anonymous:

Dude, I don't consider myself a "RADICAL FUNDAMENTALIST" Christian...but I do consider myself a Christian.

Having said that, I do approve of Trump's very good-looking wife that has been widely published.

Kinda of reminds me of a lil' number from THE PRODUCERS:

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

You are no Christian, troll. Laughable.

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