Fw: Profound Political Cartoons of the Day

Subject: Fwd: Profound Political Cartoons of the Day

Subject: Profound Political Cartoons of the Day



gruaud said...

How easily a mass of people are manipulated and corralled into such foolish, self-defeating behavior despite all the warnings they are given at every step along the path.

CharlieE said...

That last one pretends that the Republicans didn't put forth Donald Trump as their nominee.

ferschitz said...

More evidence of how rightwing think tanks - owned and funded by the 1% - churn out propaganda to very easily manipulate conservatives. Very sad.

Of particular note: dissing Obama by saying he's a girl. Nice sexism ya got going on there, RWD.

Anonymous said...

That media deception thing happens just as often or more with GOP candidates, as it does with Democratic candidates. Nice try to make it seem one-sided. Typical rightwing propaganda. We've all seen the photos and videos on the Internet, but I forgot that RWD hasn't figured out how to use the googler or even a computer.

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

Those aren't even political cartoons. Those are still images that were photoshopped.

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