Fw: Hard to argue with these...

date:Thu, May 19, 2016 at 4:43 PM
subject:Fw: Hard to argue with these...

Subject: Hard to argue with these...



gruaud said...

Pissed off at the wrong guys, rightwing dad.

The reason we are in this mess is because of supply-side economics, outsourcing, a studied indifference to infrastructure, and the interminable whittling on the social safety nets.

All of that is the opposite of liberal thought and practices.

ferschitz said...

I'm pissed off, too, but if you think Donald Trump is going "fix" things, you are delusional.

Why did Paul Ryan suddenly decide to endorse Trump, after waffling over for a long time? Because they met, and Trump assured Ryan that he, Trump, as totally in favor of cutting and gutting medicare and social security. True fact. Trump told Ryan to ignore it when Trump is out there on the hustings telling his brain dead racist base that he, Trump, will "save" SS and Medicare. Trump told Ryan: that's simply to get them to vote for me.

I'm not fan of Hillary Clinton, but if you think Trump is your big old savior, you are living in dreamland.


Franklin Graham is a rascist bigoted assholes who's an even worse con artist grifter than his father. ptoui! Trump strongly advocates for torture and much "worse" than waterboarding. So what ground do we have to stand on? fools.

CharlieE said...

Yes, I'm sure my Senator Orrin Hatch would find these to be deeply moving.

By the way, neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton are promoting "free stuff."

Democrats believe in funding government services via taxation. It's Republicans who believe that their roads, schools and defense should be provided for free.

Mike Hawk said...

Hey CharlieE - Didn't Bernie promote "FREE COLLEGE TUITION" for everyone?



Anonymous said...

The words 'Wall Street tax" are imbedded in your link, you fucking idiot.

CharlieE said...

@ Mike Hawk

Hey CharlieE - Didn't Bernie promote "FREE COLLEGE TUITION" for everyone?

He promoted college for which the students did not have to pay tuition. He did not say it would be unfunded. He said it would be funded by income taxes.

Free to the students. Not free of funding.

You really just reinforced my point. Since Reagan, Republicans believe that taxes are unnecessary and that government services come from a fairy with a magic wand.

Mike Hawk said...

:@ CharlieE: ha ha ha ha.....Bernie "Jew Boy" Sanders (who is staying in the Democratic Race way past his "best if used by date", in typical leftwing douchebag socialist fashion, wants to RAISE TAXES to fund somebody else's education.

Bernie fell of his rocker many decades ago, when he himself attended college, and he never recovered.

I see that he met with Obama today at the White House, and they came out smiling and pulling each others fingers.

BTW - Sanders attended the PRIVATE and UPPER-CRUST University of Chicago (coincidentally, where Obummer taught Constitutional Law). First though, Sanders studied at Brooklyn College for a year in 1959–60 before transferring to the University of Chicago and graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in political science in 1964. The Jew Boy has described himself as a "mediocre college student because the classroom was boring and irrelevant," while the community provided his most significant learning.

Doesn't sound like he was a top-notch student....not at all.

You see, Bernie just "ain't" that bright.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...

@ ferschitz: RASCIST or RACIST????? Learn how to spell the English language.

What a dumb ass....

Mike Hawk

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