Fw: Muslims in CO meat factory: Maybe some folks are growing spines

date:23 May 2016 at 18:55
subject:Fw: Muslims in CO meat factory: Maybe some folks are growing spines

"Islamophobia is not a phobia because fear of Islam is rational.  Islam is evil."  JB Giaour
"We didn't run from the terrorists in Iraq so I'm not going to run from them in my own country."  Dave Gaubatz on assignment in Maine.
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Maine ACT,  
    From Bob V.  The opening salvo on this came out a few weeks ago.  Now it seems the company has taken what I feel is the appropriate action.  Maybe some Americans are awakening and starting to take a proper stance.  We can hope.  Now and then there's an encouraging event. 

Cargill meat plant fires 150 Muslims.
Pray rather than  Work. 
Here's another example of how Islam is not compatible with a modern civilized society.  Muslim workers walked off the job at a Colorado meat processing plant because they demanded more accommodations for their multiple daily prayer sessions. In a move that is sure to send liberals through the roof, the company fired the Muslim employees who refused to work.
The  Denver Post reports that around 200 Muslim workers, most of them Somali refugees, walked off their jobs at Cargill Meat Solutions in Fort Morgan, CO ten days ago. Their beef (pun intended):  the company wouldn't let them take several 10-minute prayer breaks per day.
The problem is, the meat processing plant is an assembly line and when a couple of hundred employees abandon their posts to pray to Allah, the whole operation  shuts down. Now try to image that happening 4 or 5 times every day. The company had been allowing the Muslims prayer schedule and even provided  them with a prayer room, but changed policy recently because it was killing productivity.
Keeping mind that the Muslim workers were allowed to pray during their  mandated breaks and lunches. Oh, and the job starts out at $14 an hour with more experienced workers making much more.
Apparently none of this was good enough and so the Muslims staged a walk out.  Though these Muslim workers are Teamsters, the union didn't want to have anything  to do with this ridiculous strike so the Council on American-Islamic Relations  (CAIR) stepped in to negotiate. 
They feel missing their prayer is worse than losing their job. It's like losing a blessing  from God, said CAIR executive director Jaylani  Hussein.  Cargill told the Muslim employees to either return to work or find another  job. About 50 of them took this seriously and came back, while 150 or so did not.
On Tuesday, the company fired the 150 who felt praying was more  important than providing for their families. And guess what....The fired Muslims now suddenly want to come back to work under the condition they previously thought were unbearable. The company called their bluff and now they are out of luck. Cargill has a policy that any employee that is fired may not reapply for a job for six months.
I applaud the company for this mass firing. These Muslims had good paying jobs that complied with all US labor laws, but they wanted special treatment that would cost Cargill money in lost productivity. If their religion doesn't comply with normal American employment, they shouldn't even be in this country.
This is a common theme with Muslims in the US. They demand special food, special dress code exemptions, special prayer spaces funded by others, and  special prayer breaks. No one forced them to move here. They should assimilate to our way of doing things instead of us bending over backwards to accommodate them.
I have a feeling this story is just beginning, as Muslims are the Liberals' new protected class of people.

JB Giaour
Norway Chapter Leader


gruaud said...

Goodness, the slant on this is just pure hate.

I would wager there's a little more to this story than meets the eye.

For example, it's easily confirmed that the workers were not taking 4-5 prayer breaks a day, only one. But most folks realize that A!FA is one of the nastier Islamophobic groups out there.

ferschitz said...

Like I'm supposed to be crying big fat old crocodile tears for mega-corporation Cargill, that probably pays no taxes? Oh boo de effen hoo... some dirty Muzlinz wanted a prayer break.

I can't be bothered to research this specious bullshit. I know it's packed with bigoted lies. The hatred is just through the roof. Nice going.

"We didn't run from the terrorists in Iraq so I'm not going to run from them in my own country."
Actually, there weren't any terrorists (or Al Qeada) in Iraq until the USA went in and created the ongoing very expensive clusterfuck. Saddam Hussein was an evil man, but he actually kept Al Qeada out. And don't forget that Reagan & HW Bush sold Hussein arms. Hussein was our friend before that Dick Cheney decided to make him an enemy (cha ching).

"In a move that is sure to send liberals through the roof..."

BINGO! The secondary, but almost as important purpose, of this ranting tirade is to pit the idiotic conservarubes against supposed horrid dreaded "liberals," who are almost as bad as the despised Muslims.

Note how rightwing think tanks gin up so-called conservatives to hate putative "liberals" based on specious lies and ginned up hatred. Who knows what "liberals" would think about this... if it even happened the way it's depicted (unlikely). But yeah: just HATE liberals because some random Nazi told you to.

Who the hell is JB Gaiour, and why should anyone listen to or believe him?

CharlieE said...

I'm sure the reaction of the person who wrote this would have been exactly the same had the issue been about white Christian employees who wanted to take prayer breaks.


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