date:Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 1:40 PM

Hillary's first day in office! Doh!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Why would that be a problem? You can't just plug the launch codes into Itunes and launch nuclear weapons. Having the codes themselves is pretty worthless if you can't make use of the launch mechanisms.

CharlieE said...

Why would she do this? It's not as though there's any precedent to suggest that it's likely.

For that matter, why would she need someone to send them to her? The President always has someone with the codes at hand.

ferschitz said...


Pikaman said...

Let's play identify the dog whistles!

1.Using a phone used by notorious terrorists, no less!

2. Smug look as if she doesn't care about the BENGHAAAZIIIII!

3. She's wanting to use those nukes on... who knows, but it's likely un-American. This dogwhistle works if you believe in the Clinton hitman conspiracy.

Things that don't make sense:

1. Why the heck would the Pentagon be reachable through SMS messaging? Who exactly owns that phone?

2. Given the security protocols with phones in high levels of government, plus iPhones being impossible to decrypt by Apple itself (remember, RWD? You mentioned it in your last email), how is any of this communication dangerous? Not everyone uses their dog or first sugarmama as their passwords.

3. Do you hate efficiency? Should she have to work for those codes? She seems eager to bomb shit, should be right up your alley, RWD!

Randall said...

Yeah, in contrast to Donald Trumps first day in office.

Hooray4US said...

I thought all rightwingers wanted was moar military and moar beat downs on the dirty muzlinz everywhere. After all, Cruz brags about carpet bombing the middle east back to glowing glass. And Trump bellows about thrashing ISIS.

So shouldn't conservatives be thrilled to the marrow that on the first day in office Clinton asks for the nuke codes? Isn't that what conservatives are shrieking for?

Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme.

PS to Randall - I lived overseas for quite a few years, and there's still a few movies or tv shows from that time period are unknown to me. The "Dead Zone" is one of them! I think I heard about this vaguely, but I have never seen it. Looks quite good! Although it appears that Martin Sheen's character is driven by Christiany looniness, while Trump is driven by ego, money, hubris, ego, money ... and not much having to do with Jeebus, etc.

Mike Hawk said...

Anonymous said...

The Lebanese aren't Arabic.

But when has the troll been right about anything except pointing out spelling mistakes that he makes all the time anyways.

06 March, 2016 18:42

Mike Hawk said...

I beg your pardon "Anon" above.....you dumbass know-it-all liberal weenie. Shut your FUCKING mouth if you know not what you speak of....Seesh!!!!

Lebanese people - Aramaic cultural norms would remain dominant until the commencement of the era of Arabization (often, but not always, in conjunction with Islamization), which transformed the Levant and most of the Middle East and North Africa during the Arabian Muslim conquest. Thus, it is from the Arabization of Lebanon that the people receive the strongest cultural, linguistic and ethnic imprint to date, although most would remain Christian. As a result of this, in modern discourse, the Lebanese people (as is also the case with Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Moroccans, etc.) are now often referred to as Arabs, or as forming part of the Arab world, albeit all with their own separate and distinct ancestral origins and ancient histories.

Now go to the bathroom and spank your monkey....You've been schooled, dip shit!

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

Trifecta: a) stupid, b) completely annoying, c) incorrect answer with ad hominem attack in wrong post.

Anonymous said...

The Lebanese are Phoenician.

Period, dummy.

Even your cut-and-paste is stupid.

gruaud said...

Good god, the troll is an ignorant fuck. No Lebanese I know would say they are Arab.

ferschitz said...

Many years ago I was in a fairly serious relationship with someone from Lebanon. That person - along with their extended family & friends - would have a thing or two to say about being depicted as Arabs. I wouldn't be anywhere close by is all I'm saying.

Hooray4US said...

Ha ha! Yeah, Lebanese are Arabs! Yes they are, and I wholeheartedly encourage the troll to go shout that out at some community center gathering of people of Lebanese descent. Take a video and report back. I dare you!!!

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