FW: Scale Model of the US Government in action

date:Tue, Mar 8, 2016 at 12:14 AM
subject:FW: Scale Model of the US Government in action

Subject: Scale Model of the US Government in action

Working Scale model of the US Government!

It's very complex, makes a lot of noise, dangerous, needs lots of
maintenance but does NOTHING useful.

> https://www.youtube.com/v/XTAULdznHug%26autoplay=1%26autohide=1%26showinf


gruaud said...

Yeah, I bet it's VERY complex to you, RW dad.

Here are some things the Fed does:

The Military
Social Security
Interstate Highway System
Clean Air/Water/Food/Drugs
National Weather Service
Basic and Applied Scientific Research
National Park System
National Museums
Anti-discrimination Legislation
Workplace Safety

All things you take for granted, all extremely useful, although the Military's cut of the pie is ridiculous.

CharlieE said...

I've yet to encounter a single government-hating Republican who claimed to be prepared to pave their own roads.

Still, the video was interesting...for a change.

Anonymous said...

In the early days of the Tea Party a guy was interviewed who said that, other than the military, there wasn't a single thing the fed gov did that was necessary.
After a minute, the reporter complimented him on the nice 4-wheeled scooter his very overweight self was riding. Without a hint of irony, he beamed "Yep, Medicare paid for all of it, didn't cost me a cent."
Just remember: Keep the government out of our Medicare (that was also an actual statement made by a brain dead teabagger).

ferschitz said...

There may be a small minority of govt hating Republicans/Sovereign citizens who actually are off the grid and mostly self-supporting. Some may dig (or pay for) their own wells, set up their on septic tanks (or similar), grow food, shoot food (not just trophies) and the like.

but I'd posit that group is pretty small in number. And even those people are still reliant on a whole lot of goods and services, such as companies that provide propane, companies that they may purchase solar power units from, etc, etc. All those companies can produce and provide those goods and services because of US citizen taxes and fees. Plus ultimately these yayhoos are driving on roads, buying gas, and so forth.

That's what these Confederate yay-hoos refuse to get. It's like when the dumbfeck Malheur Bundy gang took over that refuge. A huge number of people supported it, but most of them were on the dole of some sort. And the Bundy gang mostly all benefited from govt land subsidies and similar and were basically demanding that the govt give them free land just because.

These people don't get it that they want it both ways. They have been led by the nose (paid for by billionaires) to fervently believe that we would all be better off with no govt. And then they won't have to pay horrid taxes. but they'll still all be standing around with their hands out expecting a ton of free stuff... and somehow they believe that billionaires like the Koch brothers will be willing to give them free hand outs.

The cognitive dissonance continues apace.

The video is amusing but still pretty dumb.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I do wonder if the Republican Party is at last realizing that the propaganda campaign of the past 35 years, that Government has no purpose and accomplishes nothing is a really bad idea. The rubes now want to elect the entertaining, but completely unsuitable Trump, and the rest of the world is freaking out at this display of life imitating art ala "Idiocracy."

Hooray4US said...

What's left of the middle class pays for these layabout bigots to waste time building contraptions like the one in the video. The 1% have gamed the system to pay as little as possible.

I don't resent most of the so-called "lucky duckies" in the 47% who don't pay fed taxes because those people are hit with ton of regressive state and local taxes and fees, and they ultimately pay their way.

These confederate white supremacists are probably mostly in that 47% not paying fed taxes. None of them explain how the fed govt is ruining their lives, but they are the most vocal about more Military spending, which is just another boondoggle for the wealthy to rip us off.

Their complaints fall on my deaf ears.

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