FW: What is happening in our schools?

date:Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 6:30 PM
subject:FW: What is happening in our schools?


Subject: FW: What is happening in our schools?


If you don’t know who
Bridgette Gabriel is, click on “Act for America – About Bridgette Gabriel”  This is a very important video!!
Subject: What is happening in our schools?

This is a 15 minute video.

Video is below.

Everyone should take the time to watch this video. It is long past time this became public knowledge.


CharlieE said...

The final statement in this 14 minute video, which was shot at an "anti-shariah conference in Atlanta":

"...and while I'm on a roll, English is the official language of the United States and shall remain so!"

It isn't, and it won't. Why are people even taking the time to hold an "anti-sharia conference?" Why not hold an "anti-zombie apocalypse" conference instead?

They'd be equally helpful.

gruaud said...

Gabriel (we've seen her rantings before) is convinced that ALL Muslims are radicals and thus, terrorists.

ferschitz said...

Why go to an anti-shariah conference? Because the dittoheads have been duly propagandized to believe this makes sense.

I'm sure whomever ran this idiocy made lot$a money fleecing the gullible, teh stooopit & racist idiots who attended. THAT was the goal of holding it, I'm sure. And whomever Gabriel is, I'm sure she is highly compensated to rant out her tirades to the pants-sh*tting cowardly rubes.

Mike Hawk said...

No CharlieE...ya dumb shit.

The conference was held in Nashville, TN (Yee-haw!)

I think you're just flustered because Gabriel is a good-looking
ARAB and she made your tiny penis stand on end like a good soldier.


Mike Hawk

CharlieE said...

As usual, there's no one from the Right here who can even attempt to defend the utter stupidity and ignorance depicted in this video.

Then again, why would there be?

Anonymous said...

The Lebanese aren't Arabic.

But when has the troll been right about anything except pointing out spelling mistakes that he makes all the time anyways.

Mike Hawk said...

I beg your pardon "Anon" above.....you dumbass know-it-all liberal weenie. Shut your FUCKING mouth if you know not what you speak of....Seesh!!!!

Lebanese people - Aramaic cultural norms would remain dominant until the commencement of the era of Arabization (often, but not always, in conjunction with Islamization), which transformed the Levant and most of the Middle East and North Africa during the Arabian Muslim conquest. Thus, it is from the Arabization of Lebanon that the people receive the strongest cultural, linguistic and ethnic imprint to date, although most would remain Christian. As a result of this, in modern discourse, the Lebanese people (as is also the case with Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Moroccans, etc.) are now often referred to as Arabs, or as forming part of the Arab world, albeit all with their own separate and distinct ancestral origins and ancient histories.

Now go to the bathroom and spank your monkey....You've been schooled, dip shit!

Mike Hawk

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