Fw: Some Good Ones

date:14 March 2016 at 21:31
subject:Fw: Some Good Ones

Subject: Some Good Ones


gruaud said...

We call that 'whistling past the graveyard'.

Toot on, RW dad. Toot on.

CharlieE said...

We know the borders aren't closed; that's how all of those illegals who are leaving the U.S. in record numbers are getting back to Mexico.

ferschitz said...

The Democratic debates - whether you love, hate or are neutral to the candidates - have been real, actual debates. Discussions about issues, ideas about policies, and contrasting opinions amongst adults who thoughtfully provide their positions.

Clearly, the heavily propagandized rightwing base is only interested in reality tv show shouting matches that provide nothing of substance and only a lot of bullying and discussions of penis sizes.

Gee whiz, I wonder which party seems better to more adequately (at least) lead a major nation like the USA. Adults? or Measurements of penises?

Anonymous said...

So we're not supposed to vote for Hillary because of her wardrobe choices? I didn't realize that RWD is a 13 year old Mean Girl (with apologies to 13 year old mean girls everywhere).

Anonymous said...

If the 'author' of this dreck thinks the "walking dead" is the Democratic debates, I can't wait for his description of the Republican National Convention this summer! 'Apocalypse Now!'

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