Fwd: Teaching IDIOCY

Subject: Teaching IDIOCY

October 6, 2011

Let’s take another look at public education in America—the greatest system for breeding idiocy That the world has ever known. First we'll pay another visit to Fort WorthTexas, where folly may be viewed in microcosm.

Last week the Fort Worth school district rescinded the suspension of a 14-year-old Honor Student for saying “homosexuality is wrong.” The alleged teacher who had him suspended had decorated his classroom with a poster of two men kissing, telling his students that Homosexuality is now “the way it is” and they'd “better learn to accept it.” When the boy’s Mother showed up with a lawyer, school officials backed down. Then they turned around and suspended the “teacher”—with pay, of course.
Now the teacher’s back to work, as reported in “the premier media source for LGBT Texas,” Dallasvoice.com.

The salient facts that emerge from the news report are these.

1. The “teacher” in question is openly “gay.”
2. So is a key member of the Fort Worth Independent School DistrictBoard of Trustees.
3. Other teachers at the high school are also overtly practicing homosexuals.
4. As soon as the teachers’ union got involved, school officials abandoned all pretense of disciplining the “teacher.”  
5. No one has denied that this wretched man did indeed display, in his classroom, a picture of two men making out.

So, folks, there’s your Red State public school district: deep in the heart of Texas beats the heart of Massachusetts. There’s no difference. In all 50 states, the teachers’ unions control what happens in the public schools. Visit their websites. Read their declarations. They are fanatically committed to promoting homosexuality and socialism. To send your children to their schools, the public schools, is to consent to their agenda.

Now let’s turn to New York City, where the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters—all of them fine products of American education, honed to a fine edge of foolishness by “higher education”—have released a list of demands. Presumably if the American people accede to these demands, the protesters will go back to whatever dunce factory they escaped from.
Anyhow, here are the demands.

1. End “Free Trade” by slapping tariffs on everything imported —and while we're at it, raise the minimum wage to $20 per hour. Yes, that’s two demands, not one; but who says these people know the difference between one and two?
2. They demand “a Universal single payer healthcare system,” with all private insurers banned.
3. Pay everyone “a guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment.” Hot dog! Nobody will have to work anymore.
4. They demand “free college education.” They haven't got the foggiest idea who'll pay for it. Oh, such wisdom!  Isn't it wonderful, what you can learn in college nowadays? But to continue:
 5. Abolish “the fossil fuel economy.”
 6. They demand “one trillion dollars in infrastructure spending now,” and
 7. Another trillion for “ecological restoration”! (Whatever that is.)
 8. They demand “racial and gender equal rights amendments” and
 9. “open borders migration,” an end to sovereign countries as we know them.
10. The tenth demand is for American elections to conform to some “international standard,” probably to prevent Republicans from winning any. This is dwarfed by:
11, “immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all.” The dealer doesn't get the rest of the money you owe him for the car, but that’s his tough luck, the capitalist pig.
 12. “Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.” How dare they snitch on deadbeats?
And No. 13 is some drivel about union organizing.

Each of these demands is more asinine than the one before it. Egged on by hobgoblins like Michael Moore and Van Jones, the protesters flaunt the ignorance, the sheer fantasy, and the total lack of logic bestowed on them by our country’s public education system.

After twelve Years of grade school and several years of college, and the expenditure of staggering amounts of public and private money, they display the intellectual capacity and the emotional development of spoiled six-year-olds.

At no time in our history has it been more glaringly obvious that the day God withdraws His Grace, America goes down the drain—adios! We are spending a trillion dollars a year to turn a whole generation into intellectual paraplegics, incompetent, incapable, unable to live except as the perpetual dependents of a paternalistic government. The upside of that scheme is that it’s very nice for the ruling class, who get to stay in power for as long as that society endures.
The downside is that our civilization will soon cease to be of interest to anyone but puzzled archeologists who will wonder how so many could have lost so much, so fast.

Pray for our deliverance. Maybe, for one last time, God will hear us.

We need a miracle.....


Anonymous said...

Dallas Voice's report on the case and the teacher's return to work, which makes the kid sound like a real jerk. Regardless of free speech, sending the kid out of class sounds justified purely on the basis of maintaining classroom order.

The "list of demands" is a post on the OWS forums by esteemed OWS spokesman "anonymous".

It's funny that this e-mail tries to set up people like Van Jones as protest ringleaders when a large part of OWS's lack of cohesive organization stems from their obsession with rejecting political groups who want to co-opt them, like the Tea Party was subsumed by the Republicans.

Funding may have increased in the past few years (ha!), but in 2007-08, the entire US spent $596.6 billion total on K-12 education.

CharlieE said...

I like the fact that the teacher was described as "alleged."

Is it not known if the individual who works in the classroom is actually a teacher?

Anonymous said...

After twelve Years of grade school and several years of college, and the expenditure of staggering amounts of public and private money, they display the intellectual capacity and the emotional development of spoiled six-year-olds.

But enough about the current GOP presidential field...

Seriously though, damn those teachers unions for promoting basic tolerance instead of bigotrty. What we really need now is to elect Rick Perry, who just yesterday declared we should give away taxpayer dollars to nations regardless of whether or not they give "special rights" to their gay citizens. "Special rights" like the "right" not to be beaten, jailed or killed just because you happen to be gay.

Perry couldn't be more right. What makes gays so special that they don't think they should be persecuted because of their orientation? Its a slippery slope people: one day we aren't executing them for being gay, and the next day we will have to require that all people get same sexed married, regardless of orientation.

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