Fw: A New Christmas song !!!

Subject: A New Christmas song !!!

Say Merry Christmas!

A Wonderful new Christmas song -- we should learn to  sing it , loud & clear !!


CharlieE said...

Christians rock! Jews suck! There's a war on Christmas!


Nothing to see here. Move along.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I've never seen a translation of that particular 1930s German Christmas carol before.

Mr_Creosote said...

Blecchhhh! Saccharine! Note to fundies: If you want to mainstream your message; don't come across as a cult.

ferschitz said...

LOL!! Be HUGE CONSUMERS & SPEND LOT$A moneys at Xmas bc that's the TRUE "meaning of the season" is what this dumbass song is "selling." How gauche. Of course, they wrap it around some nonsense that IF some store owner (paging Mr. Macy: better be personally standing at the front door of every Macy's greeting your braindead cultists "correctly") doesn't say the "politically correct" words - as we're adjured in this piece of propoganda brainwashing that "words have meaning" - then you should, like a "good Christian," turn your frickin' back on that store and STALK away in a massive hissy fit.

WWJD?? I think he'd have a few salient words to say to these rightwing hacks:

Matthew 21: 12-13
Luke 20:47
Mark 12:40

What a bunch of ludicrious, but brainwashing, drivel.

Way to make people want to "join" your "church." doi!

I know duly declare WAR ON XMAS!!!!! Season is open...

Thx 4 Fish said...

Remember the old days of about 10 years ago, when people complained that Christmas was too commercialized! Funny we seem to have completely embraced that meme today. So kids don't spend your Christmastime on religious thoughts, instead make Christmas about attacking people who won't celebrate it with you. Pretty soon your whole faith is nothing but symbols and dates on a calendar.

LiberalGunner said...

You're an old slut on junk lying there nearly dead on drip in that bed.

Happy Christmas your arse thank god it's our last.


gruaud said...

There's that exclusivity we always see from the fake Christians.

Shunning businesses who don't fall on their knees to your satisfaction, yet wishing love to all and peace on Earth.

Such a bundle of contradictions and hypocrisy.

Hooray4US said...

To gruaud: I don't think that brainwashing "song" even included the notion of "love to all and peace on Earth." I think it just said: BUY BUY BUY SPEND SPEND SPEND... the meaning of the season is to SPEND & BUY and be a commercialized as possible, but if some store doesn't have the "correct words" of greeting or in their window display, then EFF THEM, SCREW 'em bc after all, if they don't say "Merry Christmas," why then we wouldn't have SCROOGES like our kind behaving like bonkers assholes on the planet. And wouldn't that be terrible???

I didn't see any mention of "peace on Earth." All I saw were dollar $ign$, directives to $pend big-time, and directives to be nasty shits to anyone who didn't bow down and kiss your butt.

What a bunch of "Christinist" crap.

Tootseye said...

It's a really sad commentary when "Christianity" has come to mean that you waste a lot of money buying useless Chinese slave-labor junk from giant US corporations who've outsourced US jobs to third world countries. And then you can't even be *polite* and *gracious* and acknowledge that people of faiths different from yours actually, you know, celebrate a different, but gasp! shock! *equally valid holiday around the same time of Xmas.

This isn't what I was taught in my Sunday school growing up, I'm happy to say. It sickens me to see horrible, nasty diatribes like this that are so incredibly disrespectful to other faiths... quite needlessly, too.

wow... pretty sorry "song."

gruaud said...

@ hooray

It's at the 1:11 mark.

Hooray4US said...

Thanks, gruaud: I missed that, but do you wonder why??? Ok, I can stand *somewhat* corrected but only *somewhat.* Cognitive dissonance, much?? yech.

Anoner said...

"Words can create an attitude. If a person says something loud enough and often enough, he creates a climate. And under that climate, all sorts of things can happen."

To quote from an article about how the Nazi's pumped up anti-Semitism, which led to acceptance of the Jewish holocaust.


Yeah, you got it: I compared these creeps to Nazis. Have I jumped the shark? You decide.

Anonymous said...

@ Anoner -

Oh, I wouldn't say jumped the shark. Exagerating? Maybe a little...but there sure are some uncomfortable parallels here.

One aspect of early anti-Semetic propaganda in Nazi Germany was criticism and denigration not just of Jews, but of Jewish shopkeepers in particular. And there were early calls for boycots of Jewish businesses....long before things got REALLY bad, this sort of thing was in the air. And stereotypes of Jewish as dishonest bankers/greedy businessmen are common to this day.

Which is why I find all of this say Merry Christmas / boycott stores tht wish you Happy Holidys / War on Christmas stuff to be one of the most disturbing and uncomfortable of the right-wing memes. It really makes my skin crawl, more so than other forms of right-wing nonsense. It's just a little to...familiar.

Do they have any idea who they sound like? I don't know. But it sounds to me like even if history isn't reapeating itself, it is rhyming.

gruaud said...

"But it sounds to me like even if history isn't reapeating itself, it is rhyming."


ferschitz said...

Go watch Jon Stewart's hilarious parody of the rightwing propoganda bullshit lies called the "War on Christmas." Too funny & yet too true:


Just btw, Stewart points out some rather egregious LIES told by Fox (what a surprise, not), and that Fox is ALSO saying that IF some shopkeeper now says "Merry Christmas" to you, you should be "mad" at them bc they might just be trying to "get your money."

Sheesh, no wonder TeaGOPers are so braindead... I don't know how they can watch that slop... beyond my comprehension.

cypherite said...
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