FWD: Map of Religions by State

Subject: Map of Religions by State

 This is very interesting!

This is great...this map gives you the percentage of Christians and all faiths in each state...

Click on the following and see the different religions by state and elsewhere by holding cursor over a state.

Now ask yourself, why are we allowing our government
and special interest groups (i.e. ACLU) to take
God out of culture and schools? We need to step up people!!!!!!!!!!!

Send this all over the nation and the world!!
Let them all see!!!!!!!

God Bless YOU Today!


Thx 4 Fish said...

A map of religious affiliation doesn't exactly tell us anything about what a free, democratic society thinks about prayer in public school. Polls show that most Americans don't want forced or even spoken prayers in school. Republi-gelicals won't send out those statistics.

I found it an interesting map--in some states over 20% of people have no religious affiliation. That is a large minority, and a chief reason that religious freedom or rather freedom from government-sponsored religion is such a growing issue. The American Taliban wants their religion to be your religion.

Potato Head said...

In a lot of states "unaffiliated" has the plurality, including Colorado, amazingly enough (CO is the site of Dobson and Haggard and all those other Christo-fascists).

It would also be interesting to cross-correlate religious beliefs by state with divorce, teen pregnancy rates, abortion rates and various other social ills. I've seen the results: the correlation is almost uniformly positive.

Anonymous said...

If someone picks on the ACLU regarding religion, they are not someone worth listening to.

And while the polling on voluntary prayer in school is generally positive, a few seconds on Google isn't turning up a poll about mandatory religious education, which is what this e-mail seems to advocate.

ferschitz said...

No one is "taking God out of ... culture." WTF does that even MEAN anyway? Yeah: why ask. Dunderheaded dolts don't bother; it's just another rightwing think tank dog whistle spewed forth to rile up the Talibangelists into believing how unfaaaiiirrrlly they, and they, are being "persecuted" somehow.

Plus it's not "special interest groups" taking God out of schools. We have tax-payer funded - via the govt - of *public* schools. Public institutions strive towards a non-religious stance.

If you want your kids to have a faith-based education, then here's a clue: send them to a private religious-based school.

The public school is available for everyone else who wants an education in a religioniously neutral environment.

It's not a big deal, unless you *enjoy* being lathered up by nonsense, which appears to be the underlying motive of nearly all of these RWF's. Sent out to pit one segement of the 99% against another segment of the 99%. An excellent strategy from *distracting* the riled up segment from the REAL issues and problems of the day.

gruaud said...

Seems to me that Christianity is a special interest group.

And, as has been commented on repeatedly, no one is taking God out of your culture. You just can't force your notions on the rest of us.

That's what freedom of religion really means.

sean said...

Yup comparing Christians in America to the Taliban and facist...more reasoned discourse from this site.

gruaud said...

Reasoned discourse? Why gee, Sean, we'd love for you to deliver some so we can be enlightened. I'm sure it will come right on the heels of the joke you'll eventually tell that is funny and non-political.

Not real Christians, Sean. The fake, hypocritical "Christians" who play the Culture War game.

Or is that too nuanced for you?

ferschitz said...

Hey Sean - if these RWFs didn't portray "Christians" as authoritarian goons who are directed to be disrespectful & nasty to anyone who doesn't think or believe or look like them, then people wouldn't SEE "Christians" as authoritarian goons and/or Talibangelists or whatever.

Which came first, Sean? The RWFs? OR the responses to them??

blaney said...

Shorter Sean:

Rightwingers should be incited to be mean, rude and nasty to anyone who doesn't think or believe like them, but how dare liberals say anything rude about conservatives? Unfair!! waaaah

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