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Subject: Fwd: On back order!


We must apologize for the delay. Your shipment is back ordered. We simply cannot keep up with the demand for this very popular item…
18 million are currently on back order.
We will complete your delivery as soon as possible

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Anonymous said...


ferschitz said...


Hooray4US said...

haven't we seen this one before? zzzzzzz

katz said...

Probably a Photoshop of the Bin Laden on or something, right?

gruaud said...

Aid and comfort to the enemy?

Anyone? Aren't we still at war?

Isn't that what you cons were shrieking when we disagreed with your poster child for massive incompetence?

Hey, do you guys lie awake at night realizing that Bush the Lesser was a total fucking numbskull and you supported him and his cronies to the HILT?

Remember that?

And your kneejerk advocacy helped bring this country to the very brink of disaster? Do you feel even the slightest bit of remorse?


Instead, urinal cakes.

Well played.

Marc with a C said...

Whatever happened to the RW obsession with civility and honoring/respecting the office of president, regardless of party affiliation?

Oh wait, that's right.

A black guy got elected.

ferschitz said...

Sometimes I think junk like this is sent out by the upper 2% to discredit the office of the US President overall (not "just because" Obama is black and/or a Democratic party member).

Sometimes I think our votes matter less and less these days.

Sometimes I think the goal of such RWFs is to soften up the populace for a "reveal" that our govt is no longer a democracy but a totalitarian system run by the Oligarchy.

Call me crazy, if you will, but suggest everyone ponder that a bit.

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