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This is so James Bond. 

Who says big brother isn’t watching you .....................

Take a look at this video from PBS. This is a program about a touch-table. (It's Google-Earth on
steroids!!!!) About half way into the video it shows Iran's nuclear facility and does an interesting thing. It moves the satellite pictures as a function of time in years and lets you see what has really been happening there! And what they "hid" or thought they "hid" underground!


Anonymous said...


AP said...

this video from PBS

Good thing the House recently eliminated all funding for Public Broadcasting.

ferschitz said...

"Who says big brother isn’t watching you ..."

Duly note the authoritarian mind-set that *wants* "big brother" to be watching everyone at all times in order to shove "undesirables" into the Gulag.

Does the name Reverand Neimoller ring a bell with these conservatives? Or is their education so severely lacking that they wouldn't have a clue?

Hooray4US said...

Agree with AP's post. Wasn't there a recent RWF schreeching about how teh horrid PBS/NPR is and how teh terrible George Soros is "mixing" his tainted leftie millions into taxpayer money funding some of PBS??? And how that meant we should all run screaming in terror from *anything* shown on PBS???

I haz confuzzled, but that's my usual state of mind when confronted with what passes for conservative "thought."

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