Fw: The Original Sin


gruaud said...

Actor 1: "Hey, Ann Coulter: what do you think of this?"

Actor 2: "Oh, you've already got yours, have you?"

Narrator: "This small, one act play was enacted entirely for your benefit, teabagging ladies."

< bows; exuent stage left with the two actors >

< curtain falls >

ferschitz said...

Ah yes: Conservative misogynistic sexism at its finest! Right on!

Hey ladies: just *ignore this,* because, according to our conservative friends, simply by *ignoring* sexism... it'll just go away all by itself.

aaaand, if you *believe* that, try also clapping harder for Tinkerbell, too, also.

P.S. Ladies: hope you also find this an incredible laff-riot bc so many conservative men think it's just a hugely giant *joke.* So get back into that kitchen & get laughing while you cook 'n clean 'n take care of the kiddies.

Hooray4US said...

Do conservative men all have small willies?? Inquiring minds want to know!

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