FW: Your Tax Dollars At Work!

Subject: Your Tax Dollars At Work!

I don’t understand why Obama is so interested in spending our money to benefit foreign mosques! Can anyone explain this to me? - Noel


Anonymous said...

Well, Noel, I'm pretty sure that this program was not started by Obama, nor has he given it much thought.

This is a minor program which is attempting to create some goodwill towards the United States. Is it worthwhile? Maybe, maybe not. But its not some grand conspiracy to empower Islam. We buy off other countries all the time, usually with weapons systems.

gruaud said...

No one can explain it to you, Noel.

No one.

Very sorry, but there you go.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous explained it quite well for the majority of the people. But in Noel’s case gruard most likely hit the nail on the head.

Urs said...

This is like the annoying meme going around facebook about how we should divert the funds we spend on foreign aid to help our own citizens. It doesn't even realize how little we actually spend on foreign aid and how republicans don't want to spend money on our citizens *anyway*.

The last time I saw that comment as the status of one of my facebook friends, I informed him of the facts, told him to do research, told him how *I* researched the topic (I asked google how much of the US budget goes to foreign aid), then pasted 4 links that I found that refuted his status statement.

He took the status message down.

James Fields said...

Factcheck has a really good writeup on the govt. program which supplies this funding, which was begun early is George W.'s administration. It does occasionally provide direct support for certain cultural projects including mosque restoration, but also includes other religious buildings, not to mention that most of the money "spent on mosques" is actually being spent to shore up infrastructure, etc.

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