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Those ARE good ideas! Some others: round up and kill all hate-filled anti-immigrant old white ladies.. -Micah

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Anonymous said...

"Limit Congress from serving more than two terms"

House of Representatives or Senate? There might be an argument for keeping the blood in the Senate fresh, but I can't imagine what good an entire body of lawmakers serving no more than four years could do for a country of 300 million.

"Stop Congress from voting for their own raises."

Again, the Senate or the House? Does Ms. White know that the US has a bicameral legislature? Does Ms. White know that the 27th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits raises from taking effect until after an intervening election? Is she aware that her clever idea has been literally obsolete for 16 years (assuming the clipping is recent)?

"Stop paying lawmakers' high-priced insurance premiums... get rid of that pension plan... make [them] pay into the Social Security system..."

So let me get this straight. People are supposed to run for national office with the expectation that they will have to uproot their family and lives in exchange for a guaranteed layoff, no pension, and no health benefits? And compensation dependent on what, a national vote? Does Ms. White even understand that she's essentially advocating to make Congress even more of a rich man's playground than it is today? Is there even the slightest chance that a person who wasn't already wealthy would be willing to make that sacrifice?

To get back to the issue of term limits, governments require stability and continuity. A Congress with short term limits would just push more power into the hands of unelected aides and lobbyists, as the keepers of that continuty.

"Stop handing out aid to illegal aliens... secure our borders... stop allowing babies born to illegal aliens in the United States automatic U.S. citizenship."

It always gets down to revoking jus soli with these assholes. For god's sake, jus soli is one of the basic principles that has historically separated autocracies from democracies. It's a deeply republican concept. And it's been enshrined in the US Constitution since the 14th Amendment in 1866. I wonder if Ms. White even understands that a constitutional amendment would be required to revoke jus soli? I wonder if she even knows what jus soli is?

Man. She moves on to the "benevolent welfare system." The US welfare system is an insult to the word; a handful of ill-funded programs squeezing out pittances to a fraction of needy Americans in an atmosphere of severe distrust and moralizing abuse. She also says "emergency rooms provide health care at taxpayer expense." First, this is only partly true. Only a fraction of emergency room visits are waived on hardship; you're generally better off at municipal or nonprofit hospitals, but there's fewer of those anymore. Most people will be billed and eventually have their wages garnished for emergency room visits, unless they provide fraudulent information (which, of course, makes it impossible to keep a consistent record of health issues and indications and would probably make these poor bastards worthless criminal scum in Ms. White's view).

I'm not even going to get into how fucked up it is that people have to rely on emergency services for health care in this country, or how insanely wrong it is that people like Ms. White think it's OK. Well, sure, I will. It doesn't allow preventative care. It doesn't allow monitoring and checkups. It doesn't allow patients to report those aches, pains, and upset stomachs until they've developed into something worse. It doesn't provide mental, dental, or vision care. It clogs the system for your actual emergency cases. 'Universal emergency care' costs more at every step of the process.

"computer program... cross check[] Social Security numbers with fingerprints... voter registration..."

I'm sure this woman thinks CSI is real, and looking up a fingerprint is just a matter of pressing one's finger to a pad and watching a bunch of photos and prints flash by until two of them flash and merge over each other.

Finally, does anyone have any idea what she means about people having their faces covered on driver's licenses? Is there an epidemic of this? Does it have anything to do with those kids and their baggy pants and backwards baseball caps?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the covered faces thing is about burqas.

SJT said...

We are through the looking glass here. This writer is actually using right wing forwards as "sources" for her column. The thing about Congress not paying social security and getting full retirement and such has been long debunked by Snopes:


And apparently no one at whatever newspaper this is cared enough to fact check this silly screed!

Besides that part, the rest is just rambling from a nutbag. "Fix this problem, fix that problem, cause this miracle to happen" with no specifics or grasp of reality.

Anonymous said...

And some of her changes actually involve constituional changes, so I think she needs a civic refresher.

BrianX said...

And don't forget where she lets her own sense of entitlement intervene -- get rid of all this "unnecessary" (who decides?) spending so the "needy" (are there any needy left after her screed throws them all to the wolves) and the elderly get money.

Logical consistency? Not her strong point. Two words: thwarted entitlement.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMFAO!!! Someone sent me this a few weeks back, and part of my reply to the old guy that sent it was that we should take the vote back from cranky old people, since they wouldn't have to live with the consequences of their selfish, greedy behavior.

His response? *crickets*

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