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This is from my right-wing Mom... -Rachel
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Fox News Takes Action

In response to Mr. Obama's complaint that FOX News doesn't show enough Black and Hispanic people on their network, FOX has announced that they will now air ' America 's Most Wanted' TWICE a week.


Margaret said...

Wow. I have a nasty suspicion that my own right-wing dad would probably laugh at this.

P.S. Awesome site! This one friend of my mom liked to send me right-wing forwards, but I deleted them and she doesn't seem to send many forwards anymore. My dad would likely send me these sorts of forwards if he wasn't a technophobe.

Peternity said...

Last year I politely, but sternly, asked my dad to stop emailing me his "political" emails. Maybe I should withdraw my request so I can send you some juicy fodder!

Mike and Friends said...

Juicy Fodder?
How would you go about asking pops to re-open the forward flood gates?

Would you grind your teeth, turn on the FOX and claim a political/spiritual rebirth? (Born-again, I think they call it.)

Or perhaps you'll just explain you have a new attraction to things you really can't stand. See: Hathos.

Maybe just direct him to the archive and explain his role in contributing to the greatest right-wing forward library in the world.


Peternity said...

he understands that i enjoy self torture. and i know that he's just chompin' at the bit to learn me straight!

Mike and Friends said...

how familiar.

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