Fwd: History of Presidential Limos

"Racism is especially funny when accompanied by graphics." -Micah

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Subject: History of Presidential Limos

President Truman in the Lincoln made for President Roosevelt

President Eisenhower in 1953 Eldorado

1950 Lincoln with first bubble top - Eisenhower's idea

1961 Continental X100 - Kennedy was shot in this vehicle

1972 Lincoln - Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan

1983 Cadillac - Reagan

1989 - Used by President George H. W. Bush

1993 Cadillac - President Clinton

2001 Cadillac DTS - President George W. Bush

This model has recently been upgraded for 2009.... OBAMA-MOBILE!


Anonymous said...

I get it: 'cause he's BLACK.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those black Harvard graduates sure love the oversized wheels.


You know what, I think we should make jokes about a president, laugh at him occasionally, but really, who the hell makes these emails and sends them out?

Will said...

Haha, those crazy black people.

Anonymous said...

Odd, the G. W. Bush model looks like a hearse...

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