Fwd: Fw: Great Sign!


SJT said...

What an ugly thing to stick on the back of your truck.

I have news for right wingers: Obama's in charge now, so you'll keep what he says you can keep. We've heard for 8 years how important it is to cede power to the President in order to let him do his job and never question him, so naturally I assume this same principle will be kept in place for the new President. Right?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I know we covered this when the same saying was hand-painted on a wooden sign, but it looks even dumber on a GIANT bumper sticker.

Although if they had tighten the space between the lines and used a more legible font you could have made it more visible in a smaller space and... aw, screw it. Apparently we liberals have all the typographers.

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