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And they were concerned about the automakers showing up in their private jets. Pelosi is an absolute ego trip!! A dangerous one!

Pelosi's Footprint

Speaker of the House, Madame Pelosi, wasn't happy with the small private jet that comes with the Speaker's job. No, Madame Pelosi was aggravated that this little jet had to stop to refuel, so she ordered a Big Fat 200 seat jet that could get her back to California without stopping! Nancy's Big Fat Jet costs the American tax payers, thousands of gallons of fuel every week. She only works three days a week, but this gas-guzzling jet gets fueled every time she flies home to California ...cost to the taxpayers about $60,000, one way!

Unfortunately we have to pay to bring her back on Monday night.' Cost to us, another $60,000. Folks, that is $480,000 per month. That is an annual cost to the taxpayers of $5,760,000!

Madame Pelosi wants you and I to conserve our carbon footprint?! She wants us to buy smaller cars? And Obama wants us to get a bicycle pump and air up our tires!? What the %&$*% is going on here!?


Anonymous said...

One of the most enjoyable things about being a right-winger is that any lie, distortion, or stupidity can be repeated endlessly. Learning facts is actively discouraged.

Nancy Pelosi uses the plane she uses (which cannot seat 200) because the Republican-appointed Sergeant of Arms of the Congress requested it. The Sergeant of Arms is responsible for the security of the members of Congress, and he thought that putting Pelosi in the same plane that her predecessor used would be a safety risk because it would have to stop for refueling on every trip to her home district--doubling the number of takeoffs and landings, the most dangerous (and insecure) part of a plane trip.

Jordon said...

I'm a pilot( one of the dreaded corporate ones that everyone want to fire) And yes the 757 can seat 200. Go to airliners.net under aircraft data and look up the 757. While her may not fit 200 as is the seating can be aranged to fit 202 passenger to be exact(not counting crew). One gas stop is the only reason we are moving(paying for) that many seats(or empty space seats can be) across the country. The plane I fly seats seven (can be up to eight), there are plenty of plane that are smaller and cost much, much less to operate that she could be using maybe having to stop in North Dakota for gas(which is a very common practice)

SJT said...

Well, Jordon, maybe you should contact the Republican appointed Sergeant of Arms and convince him to either a) not be so uptight and let Speaker Pelosi take the smaller plane or B) not be so uptight and let her fly commercial like she would prefer.

wildbill said...

There are plenty of smaller aircraft available that could make the trip nonstop. The C20 (Gulfstream III/IV), or the C37 (Gulfstream V). Additionally, both of these aircraft are stationed at Andrews, AFB.


Anonymous said...

And I bet Republicans would be just fine with Speaker Pelosi commuting in a Gulfstream. Nope, no potential at all for a total conservative freakout if that were to happen.

Anonymous said...

I apologize I did mispeak earlier, there are a whole list of planes that can do the trip nonstop cheaper. See there is the stigma, so the name of a Gulfsteam gets people all bothered but it would still make more sense.

Boeing 757
4 hours 35 minutes at 41,000 feet
30,005 lbs of fuel (6.7 lbs per gallon) or 4,478 gallons
$3.77 a gallon(SFO best Price)
a cost of $16,883 each way

Gulf Stream 3
4 hours 29 minute at 41,000 feet
7,413 lbs of fuel (6.7 lbs per gallon) 1,106 gallong
a cost of $4,171 each way

Regardless of your political affiliation I can't see spending that much when we don't have to. Ms. Pelosi could have always said "no find me a cheaper way," but our government never seams to ask themselves that question while we end up paying. There are many other planes(ie challenger 300) that can do the trip and cost a portion of what this plane costs.

Jordon said...

whoops...that was Jordon making the last one

Jordon said...

Not to mention the difference in carbon foot print left by each plane(I forgot to mention that a used(late 90s) 757 runs about 50 million; a Brand new out of the factory Challenger 300 costs 23 million.

SJT said...

I don't disagree about the cost. The fact is that the House Security Chief requested a plane for a non-stop flight, and the Pentagon approved this one. Never did Speaker Pelosi's opinion matter in this conversation, except when her request to just fly commercial like normal was denied.

The Pentagon could have easily approved a Gulfstream or Challenger. For all I know they have, since this story is two years old. Maybe its whatever plane is available for a given trip.

Personally I'd rather have one of those decked out luxury private jets that the Pentagon uses to ferry around top Generals.

Jordon said...

Just trying to point out the substantial pointless spending dished out by the government that doesn't have to be. When senators and representative give owners of companies a hard time about flying a corp jet I feel we should know how that senator or rep gets around him/herself. Most of the time its much much more plush than any business owner. And i think it's still relevant because she still is flying in the thing and shouldn't be, the pentagon works for the senate, representative and ultimately the US citizens so she could have a little influence on them.

Anonymous said...

Why can't these legislators ride Jet Blue. A small security detail on the plane with them would be sufficient for their safety.
What I really want to know is why was Obama's name tossed in there? What is wrong keeping your tires inflated. It is proven to increase gas mileage. Good for the pocket book, which conservatives should embrace. Had McCain said it, conservatives would be praising him.

SJT said...

Not to defend the government too much, but most legislators DO fly commercial. Only the Speaker, on account of his/her position in the presidential line of succession, is forced by security officials to fly private instead of commercial. It's Speaker Pelosi's stated position that she would rather keep fly commercial as before, and her request has so far been denied.

As for tires, John McCain did say exactly that, which is why he had to issue an apology after his people mocked Obama's plan. A true egg on face moment.

Anonymous said...

Congressional security requested an aircraft that could fly non-stop. A C20 CAN'T do that with a decent headwind. A C37 (Gulfstream 5) can, which is what she is usually on. She went once on the C32 (B-757) because that was all that the Air Force had available at the time. I'm not a Pelosi fan for a number of reasons, but she's not to blame as an individual here.

Private Jet said...

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