What is RSS?

Hello fellow RED-BLOODED AMERICANS! Do you know what RSS is? Really Simple Syndication lets you keep up-to-date on the latest email forwards posted on My Right-Wing Dad. Be the first to read up on urgent developments concerning FW: BILL CLINTON's MILITARY CAREER, what happening inside FW: OBAMA'S CHURCH or other up-to-the-minute important Fwd: HISTORICAL FACTs occurring every day inside America's in-boxes.

It's easy. Just right click here and select "Copy Link Location" then:

Mac users: Click Systems Preferences under the Apple pull-down menu, select Desktop & Screensaver, select the RSS Visualizer screen saver, click Options and paste the link into the box on the bottom.

Windows users, er, um, click here.

So try it out, and stay in-the-know on the FW: 22 WAYS TO BE A GOOD DEMOCRAT or the hidden news the liberal media won't tell you! -Mike


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