Link: Jane fonda and the Right-Wing "stab in the back" narrative

"Ah, here is the debunking I was lookin' for." - Bill in Trendy Blue Ridge, GA

Update: you should see this forward for context.

Bill sends us to an interesting article written by an interesting Right-Wing historian, Rick Perlstein, that debunks the rumors of treason following actress and peace advocate Jane Fonda. Click here to read up on the political history shared between Conservative America and Jane Fonda. Here's an excerpt:

In 1973, the Maryland Legislature proposed what would have been the first bill of attainder in its history to ban Fonda from the state and grant the government power to seize all money made from her films. ‘I wouldn’t go so far as to execute her, but I think we should cut her tongue off,’ one legislator argued. The floodgates had been opened. The urinal stickers would not be far behind. Every time Nixon ratcheted down the US commitment to the war, he launched an attack on the people who called on him to ratchet down the commitment. Che Guevara spoke of creating a New Socialist Man. The president’s upright vanguardists in the Operation Homecoming travelling circus did a much more effective job of inventing a new sort of capitalist subject: New Republican Man, willing to believe anything to preserve some semblance of faith in American innocence.

This reminds me of a past forward that cast a patriotic sun beam on performer Ann Margaret, describing her as "a good counter balance" to the perils of Fonda. Thanks Bill for the link. This takes you to a great blog from the Campaign for America's Future, I encourage readers to check it out.


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