Poll Results: Our right-wing counterparts feel Obama uses the Qur’ān! (68%)

Ok, ok.. So it wasn't all that scientific (35 votes), but the polling station has closed and the results are in:

Does your favorite Right-Wing'er believe Barack Obama... (check all that apply)

1. was sworn into public office using the Qur’ān in place of the Bible? (68%)

2. was raised radical Muslim? (60%)

3. has been enlisted by Muslims to destroy the US from the inside out? (40%)

4. has never been a Muslim? (8%)


Anonymous said...

Yep. By their standards, I'm a Mennonite. Raised Christian, went to Mennonite schools for 4 years.

Oh man, I must be a practicing Anabaptist! (As I sit here on the net with my cropped hair, blue jeans and work boots.)

This is a great example of how a lie can get half-way around the world before the truth gets its shoes on

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