Fwd: FW: water

Subject: water

A Texan is walking through a field, sees a Mexican drinking water from a
stock tank with one of his hands.

The Texan shouts to the Mexican,,,,,,,,' Hey don't drink that water,,,, It
has cow shit in it!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mexican shouts back 'Soy Mexicano, yo no entiendo inglés. Hábleme
Español.'. (I'm Mexican, I don't speak English. Speak Spanish to me)

The Texan shouts back,,,,,, 'Utilice ambas manos, usted conseguirá más para
beber.' (Use both hands, you'll get more to drink)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some intense racial hatred right there.

Unknown said...

What shira said...

Wow, that's some classy stuff. He could have just said something like:

Soy un estúpido gringo que tiene odio para los mexicanos. No escuchar mis mentiras del diablo.

which is my machine-assisted rendition of "I'm a stupid gringo who hates Mexicans. Do not listen to my evil lies," the true sentiment of this piece.

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