FW: Sunset at the North Pole

[So this email presents a good reason why people are obliged to pass on forwards; they all have something of, uhh, value.]

---Begin Forwarded Message--


A scene you will probably never get to see, so take a moment and
enjoy God at work at the North Pole.

This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest

And, you also see the sun below the moon.
An amazing photo and not one easily duplicated. You may want to pass
it on to others.

The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this:
"When someone shares with you something of value, you have an
obligation to share it with others!"


Anonymous said...

If by 'God at work' they mean someone with image rendering software, then yes, it is.
Snopes has a debunking - just go to snopes.com and search for 'sunset at the north pole' and you'll find out about it.

Anonymous said...

I count one moon, one sun, and no gods. If God was at work there, he must have been on a coffee break.

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