FW: FW: There are 3 Types of People



charlie said...

Those who make things happen

Donald Trump signed a tax cut that added $2 trillion to the national debt. That is literally his only legislative accomplishment.

He also allowed 400,000 people to die due to his deliberate negligence.

Best presidents this country has ever had

Reagan didn't mention the word, "AIDS" for six years, while thousands of people died. He ran on a balanced budget platform and then tripled the national debt. He thought trees caused more pollution than cars, and said so.

Under Donald Trump, 400,000 Americans are dead.

But Lincoln was a good guy.

I am pro oxygen

Donald Trump is pro-Donald Trump. That is all.

The difference between winning an election and stealing an election.

There's no evidence that Biden stole an election, but there is evidence that Trump was helped in 2016 by Russia interfering in the election.

The difference in the photos is, of course, the result of the 400,000 dead people from the still-extant pandemic that Donald Trump did nothing to stop.

Richard said...

Thank you for this museum. It is important for us to be aware of these attitudes. As always, i feel sick and sad after visiting. I'm thankful that my mother and stepfather are not here to see this. We lost them years ago to Limbaugh and Fox News. It was horrible to live through that and not be able to do anything. My sister is still alive but she went with mom and dad is now full-on "Q". My brothers and i did not stay.
We ended up being "secular humanist" treehuggers.
It is important to document this cult, so that we don't forget.

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