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Vote in November.  The “silent majority” has got to speak up.


charlie said...

The Democrats put a woman with a 430 credit score on a Finance committee. Let that sink in.



She didn't WIN by 16,000 votes, she got a total of 16,000 votes... Let that isnk in.

She received 110,318 votes; her Republican opponent received a mere 19,202 votes. Let that sink in.

Because they grew up in free America and they want hte same for their grandkids.

What does that even mean? How would Donald Trump, and only Donald Trump, preserve that?

We want open borders because Americans don't vote for us anymore.

Democrats have received the most votes for members of the House in the last two elections. They've received the most votes for President in five of the last six elections.

And what would open borders have to do with this? Only citizens are permitted to vote.

How could anyone think the media is biased?

That one's easy. In 1998, after BIll Clinton was impeached, one hundred American newspapers called for his resignation.
in 2020, after Donald Trump was impeached, only three newspapers called on Trump to resign.

Yes, the media is biased...but not in the way RWD believes.

The Chicago Police Department has more evidence on Jussie Smollett in two weeks than Mueller has on Trump in two years.

Mueller had enough evidence to justify removing Trump from office. CPD had more than that on Smollett? What?

No politician who supports gun control should get armed protextion paid for by those he is trying to disarm


Trump's wall costs less than the ObamaCare Website

Not true. Trump's wall will cost billions, and BTW - a total of four miles have been built.

Because all of his supporters have jobs.

Not this year, they don't.

"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born."

No one is for abortion. And no one every accused Ronald Reagan of being particularly bright.

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