FW: FW: Trump 2020!!!!



charlie said...

I deliver.

Donald Trump has delivered nothing. His only "accomplishment" was to lower taxes for rich people. That 2017 bill is the only significant piece of legislation he will ever sign.

We've built four miles of border wall.

...or kneel before your President.

Kneel? He's not deity. He's a six-time bankrupt former game show host who deliberately allowed 200,000+ Americans to die because he thought it would help him win a second term in office.

He will die behind bars.

Kevin said...

Given the clear evidence that ICE is performing forced sterilizations on concentration camp victims, maybe not the best tactic to make memes about medical professionals and genitalia right now.

Unless you really want to signal that don't care about any rights for any human being, in which case: well played, RWD!

Gigi said...

Omg, is the "foreign hordes" one real? That is straight up Nazi style propaganda. Wow. Wow.

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