FW: FW: DemocRATS have Destroyed America!!!



charlie said...

Let's see...

He's presided over the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

200,000 Americans are dead because Donald Trump chose to do nothing about the pandemic.

Millions are out of work.

His administration has ignored every single Congressional subpoena they've received since January, 2019, every instance of which is a crime.

He's suing to have the Affordable Care Act rendered unconstitutional during a pandemic, which will leave millions without insurance and which will render them uninsurable in the future.

Trump has, to date, had more than 3400 conflicts of interest since moving into the White House, as he's using his office for profit.

He's been caught attempting to cheat to win this election and was impeached for it.

He's packing the court system to be ready to hand him an election victory when he loses and attempts to contest the results.

He's tear-gassed American citizens.

He's forcibly put children in cages, and has forcibly sterilized women.

...and he refuses to agree to a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election.

His unwavering support from Republicans in Congress, who won't respond at all to his daily commission of crimes means that he can continue to commit all the crimes he likes.

The media's repeating of Trump's claims that the virus is a "hoax" have left millions of people refusing to protect themselves and others against this virus.

All of this has largely rendered our country ungovernable.

So yes, the charge that he has destroyed America is a valid one.

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