Fwd: TAX DAY IS HERE (April 15th)

date:Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 4:32 PM
subject:Fwd: TAX DAY IS HERE (April 15th)

This ought to drive the Liberals c-r-a-z-y!!!


ferschitz said...

I don't like the term "liberal" because conservatives have made sure that it has negative/horrible connotations, but I do consider myself progressive or leftwing or whatever. I no longer vote for "Democrats."

I don't know why this boorish "cartoon" is supposed to drive someone like me "crazy." Is the person depicted in allegedly "patriotic-y" clothing meant to be a "conservative"? If so, how so and why? Why can't that person also be a progressive?

My progressive friends are probably much more aware of exactly how & where tax dollars are spent, than my conservative friends. This cartoon implies that "liberals" are more than happy to endlessly toss money at the "government" and not really care how it's spent. How inane is that? Why would any citizen be "happy" to just throw money away? Dumb.

I don't see "government" in general as all that bloated, but I certainly regret having to pay my hard earned tax dollars to those scum-sucking bottom dwellers in the US Congress - all bought off by lobbyists and certainly NONE - not one - of them "earns" their salary.

That said, a lot of the Agencies have been *infested* by corporate employees who work hand in glove with lobbyists to see that corporations are served by the Agencies, not the real needs of US citizens.

In fact, the bloated jerk on the coach would more truthfully be labeled "Corporations," as that is the main beneficiary of tax largess at the federal, state and local level. Had this "cartoonist" been more honest, that's what this would say.

And we can get back to the fact that something like less than 1% of fed taxes are paid into social welfare programs, but that's not what conservatives are led to believe by Fox, Rush, etc. But apparently, for conservatives, corporate welfare is just fine with them. Why? Why should the 1% be "more deserving" of tax-funded programs than programs that benefit the 99s?

Another one of those "wake up sheeples" moments.

gruaud said...

I was wondering when the anti-tax forwards would start showing up. Brought to you by the corporations that want to privatize everything: prison for profit, national defense for profit, health care for profit, water for profit, even air for profit.

You know who pays taxes happily? Europe. And for that they get free health care, free education, state of the art public transport, free maternity/paternity leave, safe food, clean air and water, and retirement security for all. They understand that paying taxes is like paying your dues or tithing to your church. You pay taxes for a civilized, democratic society.

The alternative is pretty ugly, mean-spirited, and selfish.

Schitzengiggles said...


Jives with several other tax research think tanks that are supposedly non-partisan.

Mike Hawk said...

Man oh man....that kinda looks like Chris Christie on the couch! Just sayin'.....

Mike Hawk :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really driving me crazy. Oh man, so c-r-a-z-y. What a cutting and insightful cartoon.

Hooray4US said...

I know! I took one tiny glance at that, and I went totally c-r-a-z-y!!!111!!! Genius.

CharlieE said...

It should drive anyone crazy, provided that they believe that government services should actually be funded.

Liberals and Democrats believe in paying for such things as roads, schools and defense via taxation.

Republicans, for whatever reason, believe that these things should be provided by the money fairy...

...while referring to those who think they should be funded as "slackers", "takers", or "moochers."

I, for one, miss the days of the late 1990s, when we had a Democratic president, a government surplus, and a raging economy that had me earning close to 25% on my investments annually. We were projected, provided we changed nothing, to pay off the national debt entirely by 2010.

And then, in 2001, some other guy took office and, ahem...changed things a bit.

$12 trillion later, here we are. But Republicans are blaming it on "liberals."

Mike Hawk said...

@ CharlieE:

We don't feel such services should be free, just fairly funded....that's all.

When are you gonna wake up and at least be objective?


Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

So gruaud, when da' hell are you moving to this Eden of a place called Europe?

Delta is ready when you are, you God damned fool.

Anonymous said...

STFU, fake jew.

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