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Got this from Google. Pat
Make Sure You See The Last Photo


Clash Daily
-  22 hours ago
This is an album of pictures of a Muslim hand sign. It is the Muslim way of silently saying the 'shadaha', “the only god is allah and mohammed


CharlieE said...

Apparently, raising your index finger, as one might when saying, "We're number one!" now qualifies you as a bona fide, card-carrying, America-hating, Muslim.

Or something.

Schitzengiggles said...

Wow, there sure were a lot of white teen Muslims at the last high school football game I went to. They were yelling and screaming and flashing this sign. This message makes me wonder if they were yelling "yee haw" or "Jihad"

ferschitz said...

Well geez everyone knows that when anyone raises their index finger - even when they might be enumerating some points - it means that they are in favor of Muslim jihad, and anyway every Muslim everywhere is a terrorisssss wanting to kill old cranky white Yankees.

Randall said...

The Muslims are everywhere! Look!!!!

By the way I kept getting popups for Viagra when I visited this site, so I think I know whom the audience is.

Schitzengiggles said...


OMG...Jesus declaring jihad! We're all dooomed! Quick..buy more guns, ammo, plastic wrap and duct tape!

I couldn't get past the ads to see the pics because my Ghostery and Disconnect plugins were staying busy blocking all that shit. I can guess the last picture...doesn't take a rocket scientist.

Yep, you nailed the audience (no pun intended). They have this fascination with male junk, boners etc. It's really getting to be somewhat disturbing.

Hooray4US said...

Surely there must be a photo of Obama with his index finger pointing upward, which would definitely - once & for all - PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama really truly for sure is a dirty dreaded horrid Sharia-law loving Moozelin!!!111!!!! And a Jihadi!!!111!!! Ayeeeeeeee!!!11!!!

Geez, RWD, falling down the job or what?

Ooops forgot: RWD is clueless about how to use the InnerToobz.

gruaud said...

Shit just got real.


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