Fwd: FW: New Threat in Southern California!.

date:Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 10:23 AM
subject:Fwd: FW: New Threat in Southern California!.

Subject: Fw: New Threat in Southern California!.

New Threat in Southern California

Investigative sources in California say that radical Muslims are planning to go on a rampage in the city of Los Angeles, killing anyone who is a U.S. citizen. Police officials fear the death toll could be as high as 9.


Mike Hawk said...

So, Southern California is full of illegal Mexicans?

Okay, got it.

Mike Hawk

Schitzengiggles said...

LOL. Racist Conservatives crack me up (not saying all Conservatives are racist mind you). Stoking fear of one set of dusky-hued people wasn't enough for them, they had to bring up the old standby the "other" dusky-hued folks they detest.

There Barky, I used dusky-hued just for you brah...twice even. LMAO

Mike Hawk said...

So Schitzengiggles, once again you dosplau your ignorance. Since when are all Mexicans "dusky-hued", bruh?

FYI - There are millions of milky white Mexican citizen throughout the country of Mexico, particularly in Mexico City. These are the ones with very Spanish blood in them (from Spain/the motherland). They are usually very well-to-do/affluent and highly educated.

As a matter of fact, guess who's the richest man in the world? El Senor Carlos Slim, a Mexican.

Schitzengiggles....who is the racist? Look in the mirror, fool.

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk said...



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Barky is correct. According to the 2013 census in Mexico, 9% of Mexicans are WHITE.

Mexico's population was 122,300,000 x. 09 = 11,070,000 White Mexicans.

Schitzen, you got egg on your face.

CharlieE said...

In Schitzengiggles defense, I don't think Republicans give blue-eyed, blonde-haired Hispanics a thought.

It's the ones who look different that give them the willies.

ferschitz said...

Oh please, like most conservatives even think or know about white Mexicans! Plus 9% is not a huge number for the overall population of Mexico. When conservatives talk about Mexicans, they are referring to the dusky-hued ones who must be dissed, feared and hated all the time.

Anyway, how did this derail into a discussion about Mexicans? The only places where I could find a reference to this scary scary fear fear "quote" about Muslims on an alleged killing spree in SoCal was on a marlin fishing & a harness racing blogs. How would the PD be able to "predict" that a death toll would 9? WTF?

Anonymous said...

*Simply despicable how ferschitz and CharlieE come to Schitzengiggles' defense when he gets called-out for a racist comment. I Guess It's Okay If You're A Liberal (IGIOIYAL)?

How about brother grauad? Are you also going to condone Schitzengiggles' racist comments?

Bunch of hypocritical liberals, I tell ya.

Schitzengiggles said...

Nice deflection Barky and you came up to bat just like I knew you would. It's just too easy to get you to perform. So based on your statements your position seem to be that Conservatives love only white Mexicans? You know, those ones you say are more white, more affluent, etc not the others over who cause the right to go guano? Besides you and your doppleganger Anon are displaying your ignorance quoting stats from Mexico (straw man anyone?) when the original post was about SoCal and the blatant racist tones in therein. Besides, all white people aren't light-skinned either...see Obama?

Yes I was well aware that Slim is the richest man...so again what does that have to do with the OP?

Get over yourself. It's almost not even fun poking you with stick anymore.

Anonymous said...

Omelet Face (aka - Schitzengiggles)!


gruaud said...

Why feed troll? Feed troll, troll grow stronger. Not feed troll, troll eventually die of boredom.

Is simple.

Anonymous said...

troll owns Schitzengiggles.

Schitzengiggles said...

LMAO. I think I finally pissed the troll off. Got him posting as Anon to back himself up. What a puerile little meatflogger. SMH. Gruaud is right..no more herring for Barky, time to starve the troll.

Anonymous said...

Is it shits and then giggles, or Schitzengiggles?

Dude has a poo-poo fetish.

Anonymous said...

gruaud thinks he's Mr. Miyagi? lol

Wax on, wax off...Danielson.

CharlieE said...


Simply despicable how ferschitz and CharlieE come to Schitzengiggles' defense when he gets called-out for a racist comment. I Guess It's Okay If You're A Liberal (IGIOIYAL)?

Schitzengiggles' comment wasn't racist. "Mexican" isn't a race.

We all know that Republicans despise anyone who isn't a rich, male, Christian, Caucasian American. There's no point in being disingenuous by suggesting otherwise.

gruaud said...

Actually, being disingenuous is the entire point. Intellectual dishonesty isn't a bug, it's a feature.

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