FWD: I guess they don't like him!

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Subject: I guess they don't like him!

Harry Reid's Alma Mater Strips His Name from Building

Image: Harry Reid's Alma Mater Strips His Name from Building(Jonathan

Friday, 29 Aug 2014 04:31 PM

By Sandy Fitzgerald

Southern Utah University, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went to
school, is stripping his name from one of its buildings after the city where
the college is located got $40,000 in pledges in five days from people who
wanted his name to come down.

The Nevada Democrat's name had been put on the Southern Utah University
< http://www.suu.edu/uc/outdoor/>  Outdoor Engagement Center to honor the
school's famous alumnus, President Scott Wyatt told The Spectrum
< http://www.thespectrum.com/story/news/local/cedar-city/2014/08/28/suu-remov
>  newspaper.

Not long after, concerned citizens started meeting with Wyatt, calling for
Reid's name to be taken down, and Cedar City Councilman Paul Cozzens said he
another others were willing to donate money if the name came down.

Wyatt said he didn't want to do that and risk insulting Reid, who he
believes is due more respect.

Cozzens said he received the $40,000 in pledges, but Wyatt said that as Reid
is an alumnus, "he was gracious enough to grant the university the use of
his name, and I didn't want to offend him in any way."

So the college president came up with a solution. Reid's name is coming down
at the Outdoor Engagement Center but will remain on campus on another
building, which does not yet exist.

"We have not received any money yet for that building, so if that happens
then it will give us an opportunity to build a Harry Reid Center and to
clearly define the purpose of that center," Wyatt said.

Reid's name also was not bringing in any donations, said Wyatt.

"They thought there would be substantial donations from Harry Reid's
friends," Wyatt said. "But there has never been any money donated for that

In addition, Wyatt said that Reid's name has never been associated with the
outdoors, so the name was confusing for many people and college staff trying
to create "a clear brand."

A new Harry Reid Center will be built if donations come in, Wyatt said, as
the Senate leader "has a lot of good qualities that could be used to develop
a great program and center."

Cozzens said he is concerned Reid's name may still get used, but he's happy
it's going away for now. He claimed he was approached by people in Nevada
who would not support the university if Reid's name goes back up.

"This is a conservative base in Southern Utah and many people in southern
Nevada also feel the same way," Cozzens said. "These people in Nevada do not
espouse to Reid's political philosophies, and they told me they would not
support the university or send any more of their children there, and this
was coming from people who had already sent children to SUU, so long as
Harry Reid's name remained."


Anonymous said...

40000 dollars. To remove a name from a building for petty political reasons.

Great priorities there, wingnuts.

CharlieE said...

Would that we could remove Ronald Wilson Reagan's name from every single object in America which bears it.

gruaud said...

Liberals don't like Reid because he's seen as a relatively weak leader and is most certainly not a true progressive.

Tea-baggers don't like Reid because of his loony far-left views.

Guess which viewpoint is based in reality?

ferschitz said...

I'm not a huge fan of Harry Reid, but that $40,000 would've gone some distance to helping citizens in need. Of course, the rightwingers who hate Harry Reid - bc of his allegedly "liberal" viewpoints (yeah, right) - wouldn't piss on a poor person if they were on fire and the rightwinger had just drunk a full keg of beer and hadn't peed yet.


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